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2018 Best Internet Moments


No more moth meme. No more baby sharks. 2018 is finally drawing to an end and with that we might just be able to say goodbye to some of things that have filled our feeds for the last 365 days. But it wasn’t all bad, the internet in 2018 has also had some great moments, with the celebs putting on some ‘off camera’ great shows or the most outrageous moments ever recorded on today’s topics that matter the most.

Cardi B’s stiletto on Nicki Minaj’s head

The beef between the two queens of rap has been going on for a while in 2018 and it reached top climax at NYF 2018 when the two had an altercation during which shoes and words such as ‘B**** come here’ came out. And it’s not over yet: there have been diss tracks, Nicki Minaj replying to Cardi B’s Instagram post on her radio show kept us all entertained just at the end of fashion month. Cardi B is now going through a breakup with the father of her new-born child Offset, so let’s hope Nicki doesn’t get started on this one.

Elon Musk’s live spliffing

It’s actually called Joe Rogan Smokes weed with Elon Musk and yes, it has been one of the most cathartic moments of 2018 and probably for the image of the technology mogul so much loved by Millennials. Do millennials love him more for smoking weed on air? Later on Tesla CEO declared the footage shows how clear it is he can’t inhale properly, proving he is not a regular user.

Eminem dissing the world

We have written a full article on why Eminem went with this dissing strategy where he spared no one, not even those personalities of the music industry who have worked with him. His surprise album Kamikaze is a collection of diss tracks, the most aggressive being the one featuring the beef with Machine Gun Kelly, but he found room for Migos, Drake, Tyler, The Creator, Charlamagne tha God, Die Antwoord and many others.  Just few days ago he released a freestyle video called ‘Kick Off’ in which he did again, dissed pretty much all the celebs, picking up an old feud with singer Christina Aguilera.

Will Smith nailing reggaeton rap on son Jaden’s track

Will Smith used to be a rapper as well as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air before becoming one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. But his rapping skills are not all gone to waste as this year he’s been taking on his son Jaden Smith and his rap. He did it making some rather cool parody tracks on Jaden original versions. We know which one we like best out of father and son.

Chopped heads on Gucci’s catwalk

The future looks rather scary if you happened to be at Alessandro Michele’s front row for Gucci Fall Winter 2018/2019 collection: but it wasn’t just a creepy moment that conquered the internet too of course. The idea of our heads as accessories has been probably the best expression of modern humankind.

‘We are all sluts’ interview

Right-wing Jesse Lee Peterson was just interviewing women at the SlutWalk march in Los Angeles  and asked a young lady r if she was a slut and in an attempt of celebrating women’s bodies and freedom, she replied:

“I own my body, my body is not a political playground, it’s not a place for legislation, it’s mine, and my future… ayyyy,” she says.

Known only by her name ‘Samirah’, the young lady has now reached hero status after she took one with such confidence and eloquence the so called ‘bigots’ of modern society’

So, we hope you have enjoyed our 2018 revival of best internet moments and watch out this space not to miss the next big viral