2018 must haves: How to wear a beret stylishly


A French hat affair, a Basque trademark, a military useful code: this is where you may have seen berets before but you are about to witness a huge comeback of beret hats this 2018. If you want to know which ones to get for your style, we have the right tips for you.

We really don’t understand why berets have been said to be a contentious fashion item, as by now if you are into style you should have come to the understanding that the most peculiar hats, picked for they unlikelihood, have been identifying fashion trends in the last decade.

2017 The beanie

2016 The Fedora hat

2015 The boater

2018 will be the year of the soft round, flat-crowned hat, the beret, which usually comes in soft wool and with a leather band. It has the Parisienne artist kind of character, but also the one of headpiece worn on shaved heads marching in the army. It’s all about to change, fashion is going to take beret hats to our urban environments and turn us into contemporary Picassos and hip Che Guevara. This brings us to the question of how to wear a beret.

Kate Moss epoque look

Miss Moss has always been a fashion brand pioneer we all want to look up to and when it comes to putting ideas into our heads, or better on our heads she does it with a French beret look: this is rather a young Kate in a truly inspiring look with braces and white long sleeve t-shirt.

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Hip and young Maisie Williams beret look

There’s one thing we haven’t seen much of on Game of Thrones, that is the use of hats in general: could this be why actress Maisie Williams is opening her 2018 Instagram feed with a beret hat snap: cute, young, fresh, she needs t-hat.

How to wear a beret: tips

If you feel that you have to be Rihanna when you think of how to wear a beret even in your most fashionable outings, you should be inspired by this snap to see how easy it is to create a beret look wearing a cropped sweater and jeans: a look that seem rather obvious without it, wouldn’t it? Hats off to Rihanna, but following some basic rules when wearing a beret, you can get your super cute outfits too:

  1. Tilt your beret too one side for a cool effect
  2. Don’t limit yourself to black, the ultimate beret looks are based around colours
  3. Make it cosy, choose soft wools
  4. Whatever the style, make sure the knot is placed on the back of your head

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A colourful beret to stand out

OK Miss Moss, OK Picasso and all that, but what’s new when you think of how to wear a beret? You need to for your head around picking something other than black berets: purple, red, pink and lettering. A cute urban look is topped by a pink beret hat and ankle boots of the same nuance, kept less on the matchy-matchy side of things thanks to change of texture.


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