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2018 Sexiest Man Alive: Idris Elba


Celebrity magazine People has named Idris Elba as the sexiest man alive 2018: as the third person of colour receiving this ‘award’, the British actor was very flattered by ‘this victory’ revealed on Monday night during The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Who are the Sexiest Men Alive so far?

If the sexiest man alive 2018 saw the broad shoulders and gooey voice of Idris Elba topping the chart of the most attractive men in Hollywood and the show biz, past editions were ‘won’ by Dwayne Johnson (2016), David Beckham (2015), Chris Hemsworth (2014), Adam Levine (2013), Channing Tatum (2012), Bradley Cooper (2011), Ryan Reynolds (2010), Johnny Depp (2009) and Hugh Jackman(2008). Who would win the sexiest man alive amongst the sexiest men alive ever? We surely are struggling to pick one on this one.


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Do we care if Idris Elba will not be the next James Bond?

But what it is probably a first in this annual ‘competition’ a factor none of the above male celebs couldn’t ever have an opinion on is age: so, how old is Idris Elba? 46, that’s the number. And that confirms how beauty and sex appeal have changed in modern society. To be frank, not all 46-year-olds look exactly like Idris Elba, or do they?

Will this award make up for Idris Elba not being the next James Bond? Probably not, but he is surely his own version of 007 already: why are we saying this? If you haven’t seen Luther, then you haven’t seen a tough and good-looking cop in your life ever. Idris Elba biography sees him in anything:  from voicing Chief Bogo, in Disney’s Zootopia and tiger Shere Khan in The Jungle Book, to starring next to Beyonce in thriller movie Obsessed, which amongst Idris Elba movies and TV shows was probably the highest grossing one, having totalled $29 million on the first opening weekend.

From action to crime, drama and impersonating Nelson Mandela in the movie based on his autobiography, Idris Elba has demonstrated he is willing to do anything he can to empathize with the role he has been given. In Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, he voluntarily spent a night locked in a cell to better ‘feel’ the part.

The things you didn't know about Idris Elba

What you probably hadn’t heard yet on him is that on top of being an excellent and talented actor, Idris Elba is also a rapper (!). From the intro to Jay-Z album ‘American Gangster’ to winning a Billboard Music Award for his EP album High Class Problems Vol. 1, his flow is as sexy as his traps (no pun intended).

Idris Elba, what's next after being the Sexiest Man Alive 2018?

So what’s next for the Sexiest man alive 2018? We are probably going to be looking more into his sexiest ever performance yet. Idris Elba featured in fact in 2017 Discovery Channel Documentary on kickboxing, Idris Elba: Fighter, which told how the star training professionally for 12 months in Muay Thai and martial arts in order to then compete in a professional fight. Guess what, the Sexiest man alive 2018 won even this title, defeating Dutch opponent Lionel Graves. He’s currently filming a spin off of Fast and Furious.