2018 summer trends: the snapback


Call it baseball cap or simply hat, cap, there’s one fashion accessory all men have at one pint in their lives found useful to wear: the snapback. But one rule of fashion is to take something functional and make it more frivolous, precious and stylish, so we are here to show you how to take this accessory for its accessorial role, whether summer has kicked in yet or not.

What’s a snapback?

A snapback is the common hat with a wide flat brim and the adjustable snap on the back and the signature sticker on the peak: it is different from its colleague ‘the dad hat’ as the latter features only 5 panels instead of 6 and a metal closure instead of Velcro. Now, what’s it to you and me? All there is to know about snapbacks is that celebs love them as much as you guys do, and we are talking about female celebs too. Besides wearing it the most possible summery way you can think of, as in this shorts, cotton t-shorts and espadrilles combo, there are some other interpretations you should be looking at.

Adding a touch of streetstyle to casual wear, something that you can do originally but still in a rather polished way if you match colours in your outfit, such as in this pink cotton crew neck pullover and destroyed cropped jeans look.

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Snapbacks can be your best friends if you wear spectacles, have you ever thought about that? If you haven’t invested in a pair of prescription sunglasses too, summer can prove to be quite an annoying season for you, trying to look through your glasses hit by a powerful sun. Style meets functionality. Check!

Snapbacks are not just for casual wear, but actually they can twist up any blazer and chino outfit the right way, giving you a whole different attitude: make sure the colour combination is spot on, as in this range of browns and burgundy, and you’ll have a sophisticated hip alternative.

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Snapback hats for women are a thing, doh! If we had already seen Lewis Hamilton switching from his driver’s helmet to a whole collection of cool snapbacks, we are not surprised to see the formula one element interpreted in some rather edgy women’s looks. Black leather it is then!

What are your travel must haves?

Shades? Check.
Hat? Check.
Water? Check.
Happiness? Double Check.
Liver? Left that in NYC

We do think you should not forget the snapback, livers though stay as optional.

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Pure sporty style finds its expression in a hooded jumper and snapback outfit: some wear it with the hood on, but do please check your council policy as in some places in the UK this kind of streetstyle fashion is illegal (Remember Mario Balotelli in Manchester?).

Otherwise you can opt for a retro vibe, with a 70s inspired athleisure, funny pack word across your chest and a matching snapback.

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Rappers are and will always be the best public figures to turn to analyse trends on how to wear snapbacks: it’s their symbol and we know in a way that nothing is ever going to take it away from them, even if we are talking about Young Thug, one rapper renown for experimenting with fashion in un unconventional way.