2019 Best Hair Care Routine


With the words natural and chemical free becoming the trends to follow in skincare, we thought we’d look into what types of new products make up for the best hair care routine this year.

But why do we speak of a hair care routine in the first place?

Or better why should we invest time and cash in arrays of products, when all we ever did was just lather our shampoo and apply conditioner, mainly to be able to run a comb through our hair rather than taking care of it?

One way to understand how important it is to adopt a hair care routine is to look at all the other routines you master on a daily basis, without too much awareness of it; the very simple things that occur by default (we are being hopeful) in your morning routine, such as doing your teeth, washing your face, applying some moisturizer and eye cream.

Taking care of your hair and ‘mechanically’ going through the steps of a hair care routine is what should become a ‘default’ operation too.

If you are a hair care beginner or want to master the perfect routine for your hair, we have gathered all the hair care tips you need this year.

Step 1: what type of new shampoos? Go Micellar

Some of you may have already seen the word micellar as in micellar water and there’s a reason why you should get into both. Your skin, even your scalp skin, already contains all the oils and nutrients it needs to keep itself nourished and standard products may actually be too harsh and end up washing them away. Micellar shampoo won’t lather as much as your traditional one, but it will definitely leave your hair more elastic and glossy.

Is micellar shampoo one of the best natural hair care products for all types of hair? Definitely, as it will help balance out the oils in your skin, without being too aggressive, as well as hydrating and nourishing dry hair. It’s more delicate, so it’s perfect for a daily wash and frequent washes.

Step 2: Conditioning

Finding the right conditioner for your hair isn’t easy, as one that is too light won’t do much for extremely damaged or frizzy hair. So what to look for? The word natural comes to the rescue, as some of the chemicals contained in most supermarket products are the ones making your hair all but healthy, and ultimately, good looking. Use argan oil conditioners if your hair is brittle and dry: BJW’s contains hydrolysed quinoa protein and it is made with only organic Australian ingredients.

For thin hair, the most important factor to watch out for is protection, especially if you plan to use the hot iron or blow drying them intensively; in this case opt for a leave-in conditioner, which will also add shine to your hair. This is free of silicones.


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Step 3: Refreshing, go for Beach hair sea salt spray

Another new type amongst natural hair care products that shouldn’t be left out of your hair care routine is a sea salt refresher spray, a tonifying and nourishing product that will help you keep sleek hair without washing it. It contains the texturizing properties of sea salt and aloe vera as well as essential oils (lemongrass, rosemary and citrus).


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Once a week steps: detox treatments

Pollutant agents present in the atmosphere are one of the causes of ageing, if you look at some of the basic principles of skin care. That’s why treating yourself to a once a week hair detox is the perfect unwinding moment to plan each week or whenever your hair might be most stressed, for example after flying or after a holiday.


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It doesn’t surprise either the fact one of the most relevant skin care of 2018 has now gained relevance in hair care, seen in fact has Korean Hair Care. We are not going to suggest to go for all the steps promoted by Korean beauty routines, but you should definitely try a weekly exfoliating product, perfect to treat a flaky scalp.


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Serums and oils

The same oils Korean skincare promotes apply to the best natural hair care routines. How to use them? Apply on damp hair and leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse. If you want to replenish your hair deeply, apply overnight when you are planning to wash your hair in the morning.


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