23 things you learn from being an intern at D360

20.12.2018 | By NANCY WANG

We’ve got Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada to thank for setting the distinguished high standards within the fashion world: stress, anxiety, restless nights, fear and to even exploitation. Fashion industries are known for these horror stories.


But thankfully not all companies are like that, and not all interns have to go through the dreadful experience, well at least not in D360.

There aren’t a bigillion of other interns, its paid (phew, ikr?) and most importantly you will have the opportunity to learn and not just be an errand girl. Although another intern at another place may have a different say and have different tips to take away from their experience. So do take my experience with a grain of salt or just try to score an opportunity with D360.

1. Be nice

Sure, that may not be the first thing that crosses your mind when working within the fashion scenery but the attitude is everything! Don’t be a mean girl, be someone people can enjoy company with, share food with and laugh with. But also,

2. Because people are nice too

Fortunately, unlike the stereotypes portrayed in the fashion industry, people are actually friendly. Don’t be surprised when people ask you how you are and are genuinely curious about your life

3. But sometimes, don't be too nice

You know how that saying goes, “Nice people finish last.” Well, this isn’t really that case, but you don’t want people stepping over you all the time do ya?

4. Remember: It’s OK to make mistakes

No one is perfect, and no one is expecting you to be. But do,

5. Learn from your mistakes

6. or learn from mine

Thank god in my case, I haven’t had the worst experience but all I can say, always double check your work, or else you’ll end up writing something funky like I did.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

The beauty of being an intern is that people don’t expect you to be perfectly acquainted with the ins and outs of how everything works. So, if you don’t know how to do something, ask. If you don’t know what someone does, ask. If you don’t understand how something works, ask. But also, remember,

8. Google exists

Don’t waste your boss’ or colleagues’ time by getting them to guide you how to work a coffee machine.


9. Do everything, like everything, at your best of your abilities

It’s an opportunity to prove yourself and show them that you’re worthy but also,

10. Be humble and say yes to everything

Because you are there to learn in the end!

11. Even if it means doing the shit jobs

Fortunately, I didn’t have much of that. The most appreciated thing throughout my internship was cleaning out the expired alcohol in the fridge.

12. And don’t forget about your manners: say thank you

There is never a “too small” of a job that doesn’t need your appreciation!

13. Take initiative

Contrary to many intern beliefs, it’s not all errand and coffee runs. People are generally willing to let you try your hand at things you’re interested in – be it writing, assisting on shoots, contributing to concept ideas, deciding what to order on the never-ending menu for lunch… But to fit it all in, you’ll have to…

14. Make time

Whether it is working a bit late, getting up a bit earlier or using your free time, you’ll be grateful you did it later on. Plus, most creative places to start until ten, you got plenty of time to squeeze in a bit of that golden sleep you’re lacking.

15. People in fashion do eat. A lot.

16. Well, at least in D360.

17. Also learn to take not one, not two, but a couple of espresso shot

18. Make friends

If you’re surrounded by people with similar interests, senses of humor, and a love for food. They’re not just colleagues and contacts, they’re people who you’ll want to stay in touch for many spirits/pizza/dinner dates to come! Or plant an avocado tree together at work like we did 🙂

19. Learn how to speak sarcasm

That is if you don’t want to be roasted by your colleagues

20. And also learn to take a joke

No one wants to be a bum. A sense of humor goes a long way.

21. Make yourself memorable

Even if that means screaming the F-word across the office because you get pranked by one of your colleagues with a fake cockroach on your desk.

22. Pet friendly!

I hope you like dogs because we’ve got a huge one in the office, but don’t worry, it actually acts more of a cat than a dog. But don’t get startled when it sneaks up on you and licks your arm times to times, take it from my experience.


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23. Last but not least, If Beyonce can run the world, then...

Who am I kidding, we’ll never be as flawless as her. BUT we ought to try to be right?