4 yoga exercises to relieve backache


There are many reasons why you should start doing yoga, and among them there is one in particular that will be the joy of those who suffer from annoying back pains. This ancient Oriental discipline, in fact, is an ally against backache because it helps dissolve muscular tension and correct wrong postures you involuntarily take during the day that cause stiffness and pain in the long run. So, let’s see which the best yoga exercises to relieve backache are!

Tadasana, mountain pose

Tadasana is one of the best yoga exercises to relieve back pain and even one of the simplest ones. It basically helps learning to stand properly, without supporting the body’s weight on the feet in a wrong or uneven way. You start by standing, making sure that both the heels and big toes are together and that the foot base is well rested on the ground. At this point you can move your body weight forward, slightly raising your heels, and backward, lifting your toes instead. Movement can also be repeated laterally, towards right and left, trying to distribute the weight evenly.

Now you can join the palms of your hands in front of your chest and then bring them up until your arms are fully stretched over your head. The chest stretches, the arms and shoulders rise as high as possible but remaining relaxed, the neck stays aligned with the spine. The position should be maintained until you can do it effortlessly, then slowly lower your arms.

Uttanasana, forward bend

This yoga exercise has the advantage of stretching all the spine and neck muscles and helping them relax. Again, in this case, you should stand, holding your back straight and your feet spread apart as wide as your hips. Your arms should be stretched over your head. At this point you have to flex your pelvis, stretching your hands until you reach the ankles and lean the torso on your legs. You can stay in this position for some breaths, then try to raise your torso while keeping your back straight.

Bhujangasana, cobra pose

Here is an asana that helps relieve backache! In everyday life, we are often forced to bend forward, but in doing so we tend to close our chest and to take an unnatural position. The cobra pose, thanks to a backward incline, helps to open the chest, strengthen the back and make it more flexible.
To begin with, you have to lie with your belly down and your chin touching the ground. The legs are elongated and joined together, hands under your shoulders with your elbows tight against the body and fingers pointing forward. From this position, you have to stretch your arms slowly, lifting your torso from the ground while keeping your body relaxed. The position should be maintained for about one minute before returning to the starting position.

Balasana, child’s pose

This yoga exercise allows you to relax and lengthen your whole back, with great benefit on muscle tension and pain resulting from poor posture. You start on your knees, with slightly spread legs and joined big toes. Breathing out you sit on your heels, then raise our arms over your head and bend forward exhaling. Now, breathing in, try to stretch the whole back, relaxing neck and shoulders and getting rid of all tension.