5 benefits of swimming you should know about


We all know how swimming is a complete sport, capable of building and stretching the muscles, strengthening the whole body and the skeletal system in an intense and complete way. Each swimming stroke acts on different areas of the body, perfect even for those who want a targeted toning. For example, front crawl mainly tones the gluteus, abs and shoulders, while backstroke is great for strengthening back muscles and stretching the muscles of the hips. In addition, breaststroke works intensively on the thorax and the inner thigh, while butterfly stroke, which requires great strength and flexibility, especially develops the upper part of the body. Let’s find out together 5 benefits of swimming you should know!

Swimming burns fat

Swimming is the ideal sport to burn fat and get back into shape. With regular workout, you usually get an increase in lean mass and fat reduction because muscles, with equal volume, weigh more than fat. No wonder that after constant swimming practice you will notice a weight gain looking, however, slender. In particular, swimming tones and shapes the belly and hips, acting on the localized fat of the waist.

Swimming counteracts cellulitis

Swimming is one of the most effective sports to counteract cellulitis. Like all aerobic activities, swimming allows the stretching of the muscles effectively counteracting fluid stagnation in the lower limbs, facilitating the return of venous blood to the heart. The combination of exercise and water that exerts pressure on the skin performs a natural and effective lymphatic draining massage on the legs.

Swimming shapes the gluteus

Looks are important, shaping your own body by training specific muscles is one of the great benefits of swimming. Especially with crawl and breaststroke you will tone your gluteus, perfectly shaping and raising it. Thanks to the gestures of swimming, in fact, it is possible to counteract the descending movements typical of sedentary life and the effects of time that often affect this area of the body.

Swimming is perfect for back and joints problems

Swimming is the ideal sport for those who suffer from back and joints problems because, thanks to the salutary action of water, the spine is lightened from body weight. This way you can work out even if you have problems with your spine without feeling any pain or discomfort. At the same time swimming is ideal for those suffering from joint disorders because it avoids excessive stress on the joints.

Swimming relaxes body and mind

Swimming also has a great relaxing effect for the mind, making us feel better also emotionally. The movement in the water activates the brain centers used for memory, taking us into our basic element that gives a great sense of protection and relaxation, abandoning daily anxieties and tensions and getting our fill of energy. Swimming before going to bed will allow you to sleep tight and relaxed.