5 TV shows that deserve a revival

18.03.2019 | By MICOL PIOVOSI

It’s one of the worst feelings. Browsing through Netflix, finding an interesting show, watching it and falling in love… only to get to the last episode and find out and there is no other season to watch. Because the show’s been cancelled – maybe even decades ago.

However, would it really stop you from watching a really, really good show? Some of these deserve to come back to life, not to be forgotten forever. So here’s a list of five TV shows that deserve a revival.


You’ll never be able to look at primary colours again without feeling a shiver on your skin, after watching Utopia. This breathtaking UK drama was one of the best shows of 2013: it was extremely well acted, provocative, picturesque and cool. And had a lot of violence going on. All of this gave birth to a rare kind of British show, also thanks to the plot: conspiracy theorists, torn on your TV!


This sci-fi western is set on a spaceship, which travels through the galaxy. Seems pretty interesting already, right? Firefly had a quite big fan base, and a very voracious one: after the show’s cancellation, the creator gave them a feature film called Serenity and a comic book. Release Date: September 21st
This Netflix new release in 2018 is probably the one we have been waiting for with more anticipation than any others. Jonah Hill and Emma Stone are the match made in heaven to give us plenty of proper comedy.

Freaks and Geeks

Give me the 90s, a high school, a group of rejects. I don’t need anything else. Oh well, give me good actors too: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jason Segel might be a good idea. And, obviously, romance and drama. And a rock’n’roll soundtrack. Here. It’s ready. Enjoy it, thank you.

Everything sucks

Is it too early to revive the ‘90s? Today’s sense of fashion suggest that no, we love the 90s and everything in it. So why did Everything sucks, a sort of today’s take on Freaks and Geeks, got cancelled? It had all the themes a classic high school drama should cover, and even more: coming of age also means issues with sexuality, identity and mental health. Alas, all we have left now is just Everything sucks’ lovely playlist. Wanna hear Wonderwall another time?


The worst? Going through three whole seasons, before being cancelled. Many years have passed, and fans’ frail hopes of TV movies wrapping up the unfinished storylines seemed to have already crumbled into dust. Thankfully though, at the beginning of November it’s been announced that the shooting of the movie has started with 12 original cast members. So, what about putting on your best cowboy boots and watching the no-more-cancelled western story? South Dakota awaits you.