6 good reasons to visit Nepal


Pristine views, religious pilgrimages, hiking, exceptional wildlife, food and thousands of fluttering flags through colourful villages: what are we doing? We are giving you the best things to do and see to find your Nepali Nirvana.

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Mountain Highs

If hiking is your dream holiday activity, then you really must visit Nepal. With some training, you can commit to adventure on more strenuous trails, but the beauty of Nepal Himalaya is that it’s the most accessible hiking on offer. From tough trails to Everest, the Annapurnas and other mountain wilderness rarities, in Nepal you can always enjoy majestic landscapes: load yourself into a warm welcoming lodge and your daily workout is paid off by mouth-watering Dal Baht and MoMo or other Nepali specialities.

Lumbini Birthplace of Buddha

If reaching the top of the world with daredevil hikes doesn’t make you feel in heaven, there are plenty of spiritual sites you can visit: one of the world’s most important ones is home to the historic birthplace of the Buddha. With its 25 international Buddhist monasteries and the sacred Mayadevi Gardens, this spiritual place in Nepal is the one to visit to find your true inner self.

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Butterfly Watching

Not only flags fluttering away, it will be butterflies leaving you absolutely lost for words as Nepal offers fabulous destinations to see Great Orange Tips, Purple Sapphire Circles, Oakblues or common Brimstones. According to official records, Nepal has 651 species of butterflies representing 3.72 percent of the world’s butterflies, among them over 20 species are in the endangered list.

Welcome to the Jungle

Nepal is home to the best-preserved conservation area in all Asia with a range of wildlife that goes from bears, deer, peacocks and Langur monkeys on swinging from tree to tree. Riding an elephant for a true jungle experience or hopping into a jeep, or even a boat is one of the best things you can do in Nepal to completely switch off from the hours spent commuting or in conference calls.

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There are at least 15 main festivals to pick from in Nepal, which means that whatever period of the year or region you choose there is going to be something on. What to expect? Colours for sure. Take the Teej festival: celebrated by women all over Nepal for three days it is dressed up in red sarees, red tika and bangles. And what about the 5-day festival of lights that goes by the name Tihar honouring Yama, the God of Death? In Kathmandu you can get the biggest Tihar festival but if you are hoping for some uniqueness head to smaller villages. Houses all over the country are lit up with extra lights and decorated with garlands.


Finding some peace and quiet isn’t what all expect from a holiday? Nepal will enable you to bring out your inner peace, as it is renowned as host of meditation sessions for Hindu gods and ancient rishis. There are plenty of mediation options, from private centres or monasteries, with some solutions including accommodation and catering.

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