6 natural wonders to see in Peru


With 28 different types of weather, Peru offers much more than visiting Machu Picchu or its capital city Lima: the natural attractions to see in Peru overhaul its top tourist locations by far. With an available territory hosting 84 of the 117 life zones existing on Earth and owning 28 of the different types of weather, you will find yourself hiking in beautiful landscapes accompanied only by the sounds of birds or navigating down mighty Amazon rivers.

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Tour the floating islands of Lake Titicaca

Home to the Uros tribe Lake Titicaca is best known as the highest commercially navigable lake in the world. In an Andean belief, Titicaca is the birthplace of the sun and one of the wonders of this natural place in Peru is its floating reed islands. It will give you an interesting perspective into the lives of Peru’s aboriginal people.

Cordillera Blanca

Cordillera Blanca is a mountain adventurer’s dream, offering hiking, climbing and mountain biking. With its 16 peaks reaching 6,000 metres (19,000 feet) in height, it has been named “the highest tropical mountain range in the world”. Part of the Andes, Peru’s highest mountain, Huascaran, is located here. Cordillera Blanca also is a good place to see ruins of pre-Inca cultures.

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Manu National Park

Due to the fact that to this day it still quite difficult to access, this vast national park in the Amazon Basin is one of the best non-touristy natural places in South America to see a stunning variety of tropical wildlife. If you adventure Manu National Park you will be able to spot the giant otter, jaguars, pumas and even the endangered Andean Cat.

Paracas National Reserve

On Peru’s southern coast it is a desert reserve that occupies most of the Península de Paracas. Paracas National Reserve is an outstanding subtropical coastal desert as its sands reach the Ocean. Famous also for being the oldest marine reserve in Peru, Paracas gives the chance to see a wide variety of animals, including sea-lions, dolphins and 215 types of birds.

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The Colca Canyon

It is a mesmerizing site and the best place in South America to witness giant condors. Be it for the hot springs, the snow-topped volcanoes and the Andean terraces, here you can really get a taste of everything. On your route to the canyon you can also nip in at the Salinas and Aguada Blanca Nature Reserve, where you can glimpse vicuñas, llamas, and alpacas from the road.

The Rainbow Mountains

Just outside of Cusco at an elevation of 6,384 meters these multi-coloured marvel have quickly become a top natural destination in Peru. Take a day trip from Cusco to admire the turquoise, the lavender, the maroon and gold formations but be wary as they are notoriously difficult to find and get to, requiring several days of hiking to reach its peak deep within the Andes. The only tourists you will find here are the thousands of pilgrims that every year visit the painted Mountains as it is also the deity of Cusco.

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