A 5-minute chat with Tommy Cash on his Milan gig, to tell you he is a real hero

27.02.2019 | By ELENA LONGARI

¥€$ Is what we said when we learnt Tommy Cash was going to tell us more about certain things – and who is NOT curious to know anything on the Estonian rapper that hasn’t been already be put out there?

And what better chance than his last gig in Milan upon the recent release of yes, you guessed, Tommy Cash new album ¥€$?

Take a Friday night in Milan and instead of the cash forked out on fancy Moscow Mules, invest everything you have got – including your inner freak – to go and watch Tommy Cash. We have talked about the geniality of the Estonian rapper in this editorial but it’s now on us to have sold on why he is a real hero, from what we were part of and what he said to us.



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Dancers, performers, crazy shit outfits, kaleidoscopes effects, flames, smoke and all the showy, flashy features of one of those big names gigs? Nope. Tommy Cash, someone who in my view has reached absurdly incredible levels of creativity, coming up with visuals no one can just look away from, I was expecting at least some of that lot. I wanted to see ‘weird things happening’, I guess. I was pleasantly surprised.


But it wasn’t a lack of creativity the absence of acts and props on Magnolia’s stage saw, it was a strip back. A strategy Tommy Cash adopted with the release of ¥€$ as no videos of the song have yet been published. It’s down to him. It’s down to his music. It’s Tommy Cash makes music, holds the crowd, jumps around like a mad galloping horse. And yet, clear of all his Instagram superim-poses, still can’t grasp the essence of his genaility. Or do we? Check this out:


What’s Tommy like in real life?

Tommy Cash: If I’m not touring, I’m constantly working on other things. Being as Ceo, director, writer, musician, artist. So yeah if I’m not performing i wake up around lunch. Have a coffee from a nearby cafe. And see what I can do.

What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is that there will not be new Rick and Morty season

Where does your inspiration come from?

Tommy Cash: Inspiration comes from an unknown place. So my place for inspiration is sadly unknown

Who are your fans? Who likes you?

Tommy Cash: Different people, beautiful kids, freaks, artists, visionaries, fashion bros, normies, skaters, rebels, LGBT crowd – it’s a mixxxx!


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The mosh pit.

That’s where Tommy Cash had his most successful result in terms of engaging with his crowd, and you can’t to that if your music is s****, can you? Heads as pool balls against each other, a girl in a hand knitted turtleneck and goofy specs knocking everyone down on the floor, and a Spanish kid who seemed the only one with a properly wired brain who just had to raise his hand and offer Tommy some Chorizo. He took it, thanked him and tricked everyone with his ‘Who’s vegetarian in here’ question.


You have been defined as the modern Marilyn Manson. What do you make of it?

Tommy Cash: I love it.

What do you think of music today? What will people remember in 50 years’ time?

Music is like fast food now. We will remember not many names in 50 years. 

With over 6.8 million YouTube views for his Little Molly video and 6.7 million for Pussy Money Weed, Tomas Tammemets, might be a name we will feed from in the future. Or not?

When he pronounced ‘There are three things I can’t live without in life’, everyone knew what to answer him back.

And while his album might throne him as king of the East, it’s his fashion sense to make us think at Tommy Cash’s career path: his collaborations with Rick Owens isn’t confined to fashion (remember when Tommy walked down the runway of SS19 Mens Babel show?), as in the new album you can hear the American designer saying ‘Fuckboy’ on the new album’s Mona Lisa.

What will you do next in fashion, given also your peculiar aesthetic?

Tommy Cash: Thank you. We have our pretty fun merch line right now with Bazar bags and Russian rugs. I’m sure it will grow into a real clothing brand eventually. 


And yes, it is crazy fun. We have our eyes on the Kanye East joggers, but the Make Europe Great Again hat is also one to sport during Milan Fashion Week.


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When I asked him what is the worst thing anyone has ever said to him, he enigmatically gave me what probably could be the first statement seen on sexuality.

What’s the worst thing anyone said to you?

Not many I can recall but maybe I thought you were short [quick]


You can still catch up with him on his tour and in the meantime, enjoy the new album.