A complete guide to men’s accessories


During our streetstyle explorations we couldn’t help but noticing how things like handbags, purses, belts and jewellery in general are sported with much exaggeration, flamboyance, fashion victimhood but always with an eye sophistication and luxury by the male audience. With their fanny packs around their waists, or instead classic patent leather belts, men’s wearing accessories have never been so relevant.

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Chinese singer Kris Wu endorsed Bulgari’s high jewellery in a head to toe style for the Shanghai International Film Festival: a necklace with charm, a watch, bracelets and rings. More is more, when all seems to be playing a game of intricate balances: from different metals matched in the same outfit, to
different gems and precious materials, it’s men’s jewellery done classic and edgy fabulously.

One way of getting things right when it comes to men’s accessories and jewellery in particular is to turn to the most iconic brands. Gucci never fails to deliver on classic jewellery and this matching set for GG rings for him and for her (or whatever) is just the perfect outfit topper for a streetstyle look, a formal look and a gala look.

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What has changed in hip hop jewellery from the fashion in vogue thanks to the boys straight outta Compton back in the mid eighties to 2018 Migos? Musically, a lot. On a style point of view, the bling is always the bling amongst those spitting sick bars (except Eminem and Lamar maybe). More is more, once again. Chains are really big, logos are even bigger, rings are almost weapon sized.

Some other rappers even love jewellery that much that they make it their statement, their motto actually: Joey Badass has his chains and necklaces as the profile picture on Instagram. So then you click and start scrolling and stumble across this Joey Badass men’s accessories statement: this how you make a pair of
baggy jeans and any white tee ‘boom y’all’ with gold and some cool layering of black leather belts.

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We are not done with looking at modern rap yet to gather all the inspo you need in terms of men’s accessories. At Paris Fashion week Virgil Abloh was able to reinvent and retarget Louis Vuitton’s famous bags thanks to his close link with rap and music in general. Here AsapRocky does an off the catwalk move wearing a head to toe black outfit highlighted by his spin on men’s accessories: his and Virgil’s with that trunk bag and all over chains.

Take a look at Vetements’ men going down the catwalk: take a second look, and yep, you are absolutely right. The man accessory you are looking at coming up amongst next season’s trends is the choker. It mimics the lines and weights of a tie, but puts a bit of sparkle in it with a charm falling right under the chin.
Some might look at it and say ‘collar’. Anyhow, we have warned you.

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For a formal look or just to have that wardrobe passe-partout to style with pretty much anything you will end up wearing in the near future, from hiking shoes with smart pants, to purple satin jackets, men’s belts have got the word Hermes written on them. Classic, timeless, you can’t go wrong.