A must-have in every woman’s wardrobe: the little black dress


From Coco Chanel to Givenchy for Audrey Hepburn, the little black dress is a fashion design that has cruised through history, an icon dressing icons, a must-have that from first ladies to the trendiest of fashionista want. But there’s little black dress and little black dress: we are to guide you into little black dress planet and find out which one is best for you or for where you have to go.

Black dress feminine outfit

Dress a little black dress up for a formal event

Versatility is what springs to mind when you think about the little black dress and this is why the very same dress can be dressed up or down according to your social events needs. If you are off to a formal gathering, just be smart and throw a blazer on top to look corporate appropriate (make sure it isn’t too short though).

Dress a little black dress down

Whatever style you are into, there are plenty of ways in which you can style a little black dress that aren’t obvious and where you can still express your personality. With little black dresses the trick is to be yourself: if you are into urban and street style, we know you’d wear your little black dress with trainers.

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A little black dress to match your body shape

Your body shape isn’t a problem. This is where you should start from when choosing the right little black dress to flatter your body shape. The problem is to find a little black dress that can help you follow the simple rule of recreating a well-proportioned silhouette: create attention around the waist line if you don’t have one by choosing a wide skirt little black dress. If you need to balance broad shoulders, choose wider straps.

A little black dress: a matter of texture

When it comes to dresses, and to black dresses, you can really get a lot out of them if you are clever with the choice of texture. If you have fallen in love with a lace little black dress, it is probably because you are love a retro vibe: lace is a texture that can help with structure, but can prove tricky to wear for its ‘see through’ feature. Avoid satin if you are conscious about some bits showing that you’d rather keep away from the eye.

Dondup Black dress detail

2017 catwalk’s little black dresses

If you think that little black dresses are dull and are difficult to style to match your eccentric personality, think again. Take a look at 2017 catwalks to understand how big and bold a little black dress can be. Playing with volumes, with soft and hard textures and even changing the rules of the little black dress, high couture can teach you a thing or two on little black dresses subject and, if anything, inspire you to get your very own little black dress.