A Spell of Raincoats


In case of rain, wear fashion. Yes, rain is one more opportunity for you to show off beautiful outerwear rather than snoozing your alarm, rollover the other side of the bed and waiting for the postman to stun you hitting the intercom.

Rain can only mean one thing: you get to wear your most exuberant raincoats, those shiny and non-fabric things famous for their bold colours and straight silhouette. But, as a habit of us, we are to proof fashion can do anything, even when it comes to coat thought to simply protect you from London’s pissing sky.

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Going puffy

Where is the oversized game taking a garment that was conceived along the line of being able to wear it over your coat? It’s going to new and reinvented shapes, made of balloon sleeves and hems. If you want to defy rain with style, this neon blue women’s raincoat is what you need.

It’s not raining really

Save your sass for a rainy day, as this is another way of doing women’s rain jackets: the shiny waterproof fabric has this piton twist, plus the sleeve metallic hoops give that extra assertive note to this look. With or without white pussies, this long coat can be styled with anything, even with shorts as spotted on Dakota Fanning.

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Un post condiviso da Off-White™ (@off____white) in data:

Technical style

We know one thing for sure about raincoats in general. They have to protect your from heavy downfalls: if you want to embrace this functionality trait of waterproof coats, you might have to look at the men’s more technically focused kind of tailoring (when it comes to raincoats). We bet this one is warm too.

Marrying athleisure

Throw on your jogger pants, defy a bad hair day with a baseball cap and slip into an oversized raincoat, which embeds joy and a unisex kind of style thanks to the boxy silhouette and a red waist belt. How about flip-flops? Always believed they make for rain’s most forceful antagonist.

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Un post condiviso da Burberry (@burberry) in data:

White pants a rain thing?

If you are called Gigi Hadid, anything is your things, as long as your pants and tops are cropped. How a pair of white pants, a print t-shirt and boots get the Hadid’s elevation to streetstyle mastery? Only with a new and original neon yellow laminated raincoat.


We did mention that one of the trends spotted during the Big 4 fashion shows is PVC, aka vinyl, aka the quintessence of women’s and men’s raincoats? We did, except that back then we only told you were going to wear PVC tops and miniskirts, now we are reassuring you of the fact there will be plenty of women’s raincoats up for grabs too. This one here is a sort of an overcoat see-through PVC long coat, which is matched with the soft and luxurious effect of black velvet (yes and green lipstick, but that’s not the point)

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Elegant? Yes. Hip and fresh? Yes, too.

If there’s one thing we can copy from model Winnie Harlow is her ability in changing style, whether she’s posing dressed in a more ‘grown-up’ way for a formal event, or walking to a club in Soho London with her comfy-chic wardrobe choices. Here we can admire how she matched the glossy finish of this black trench raincoat to the feminine effect of black lace: she’s a femme Parisienne.

But then she styles the classic parka style raincoat with a red beret, worn the other way round and we know she’s no longer off sipping flutes of champagne, but rather taking her waterproof jacket off only to step on the floor

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That female/male vibe

If there’s one thing we are sure of when it comes to waterproof coats is that they have that particular unisex silhouette, they have always had it, it hasn’t been fashion meeting the genderless needs kind of design idea. Not only their design, but colours too: this white and red combo long raincoat is perfect for him and for her, to stroll in the city in search of a hot brew.