A Stage Uniform, an Urban Statement: The Denim Jacket


How not to admit that the structured shirt in denim we called denim jacket is one fashion item we will probably find reinterpreted in 50 years time? Aren’t you curious to see how that is going to pan out? As per now, we don’t have that kind of crystal ball, but sure thing is we can anticipate trends and keep under our radar the best looks featuring it.


In 2018 denim jackets are completed with neon green sequins, lettering and frills: check them all out here!

First: The Colours

Blue denim isn’t the only way. Coloured denim jackets are an interesting way to spice up our closets and outfits. You can play around with anything from pastel to bright, natural colours and even print. A coloured denim jacket with a tee shirt and the right accessories is as chic-casual as you can be.


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Then the Patches

Take a unique design as the parka, and inject it with a good dose of street style oomph with the trendiest array of patches out there in the shape of playful embroideries featuring multicolour flowers and hearts. You can create so many different outfits with this denim jacket, starting from a daytime sneaker and miniskirt look.

Vintage Effect Denim

From pink to that destroyed elements of a vintage effect denim jacket: a simple yet original design in which you can slip into after 7 pm to get to your favourite bar wearing a sheer effect skirt underneath and this season’s footwear trend, women’s mules.

Stretch Fit

Before we hit the oversized denim jackets business, we really need to go to the far opposite to show you how many things you can do with this fashion must have: take a feminine silhouette add some distinctive traits such as the cut-out effect on the front and you are set to sport all you attitude, whether with  a total denim look or a pair of wide leg trousers.

The Oversized Denim Jacket: How Not To

Rihanna successes are the best examples on how to wear this year’s trends the right way: let’s start from her sporty Fenty X Puma way of dressing. This total denim look is effortless, even if you decided to copy everything but the Buffalos-like suede boots.


Is That Lettering?

We have mentioned before how lettering is one thing that can make you stand out in a giffy: we have omitted mentioning that some non-italian fashion enthusiasts do see the italian way of wearing t-shirts with front big scripts as part of the sunglasses+greasy hair look. But this oversized denim jacket is miles away from that stereotype.

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If We Told You Sequins…

Black denim jackets can become your statement jacket just by the addition of some sparkly details and with that we mean sequins, in the form of neon colored patches. For an evening outfit match something like this one with a flowy maxi dress with straps.


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Or White?

How to wear a white denim jacket? Dare with a total white look and you’ll have summer in your pockets, or match it with a floral print maxi dress to impersonate your modern boho-chic version of yourself.

Denim jacket for men

A premium denim jacket will last for a very long time, so think of it as a good investment and don’t cut corners when getting yours. Before settling for one, consider the style, fit and the existing and future pieces you will be pairing with it.


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Denim Jacket Outfits

Patchwork Denim

Think of being a boy scout and the badges you earn and display on your uniform. A patchwork denim jacket is an excellent way to bring out your personality. You can either get yourself an already patched jacket or buy the patches separately and to match your style, you can go for vintage, rock-themed, or even floral styled patches.


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The Oversized Jacket

For this look, your body proportion has to be significant. You have to be more in line with loose tee shirts, chunky sweaters, a pair of loose jeans, and boots or sneakers. It is also essential that it fits with your body size and doesn’t wholly drown you


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Denim on Denim

The denim on denim or the double denim look is not very easy to pull off, but once you get the right denim combination, it will definitely be the perfect denim jacket outfit for you. Do not let identical or of the same wash. Let there be a contrast, or go for shades of the same colour.


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The Embellished Denim

When you think of how to style men’s denim jacket outfits, adding some spunk to your denim ensemble with an embellished jacket entirely rocks! We are talking studs, spikes, and maybe a wee bit of glitter.


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Graphic Denim Jackets

Graphics and logos on denim jackets are entirely a thing! They could be painted on, or in embroidery and are an exciting way to add jazz to your outfit. You can also opt for this style in men’s hooded denim jackets.


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Denim jacket FAQs

Can you wear jeans with a jean jacket?

Yes, you can. As mentioned previously, pair it with a different wash (lighter, darker, or a different colour) to give you a trendier ‘denim on denim’ look.

Are denim jackets warm?

The warmth of denim jackets varies as they can be made from light or heavy denim materials. During cold seasons, you can opt for a heavy lined denim jacket for a warmer feel.

Can you wear a blue jean jacket with black jeans?

There is nothing wrong with wearing a blue jean jacket with black jeans as it adds to the contrast of a denim outfit.

What goes well with a jean jacket?

Literally anything! Jean jackets can be used to accessorise any outfit if worn correctly.