A survival guide to Valentine’s day


It’s coming. The day we will have to celebrate love, undisputed, eternal, life-changing kind of love is about to be upon us: Valentine’s day.

Can anything in our lives be ‘undisputed, eternal and life-changing these very modern days?

This is where we stand with Valentine’s day: it’s the perfect time to do a number of things in your relationship, especially at the very early stages, but don’t ask us to book any tables at fancy restaurants on February 14th, we have given up on forced celebrations altogether, starting from New Year’s Eve parties.

And that’s why we have come to the rescue with the ultimate guide on things to do on Valentine’s day whether you are a fan of it all or, like us, wish to disappear into oblivion.

Single: What to do on Valentine’s day

Let’s be brutal. You hate Valentine’s day so much your spite for couple cheesiness has surpassed any type of cynicism, even the most legit one. So, what to do on Valentine’s day when all you can think of will probably cause your imprisonment? Turn a bad into a good.

Try to get out of that friend-zone, make the first move – this if of course if there’s anyone in your life who could be boyfriend/girlfriend material.

Surprise someone with the most precious amongst Valentine’s day romantic gifts.

A gift box of some cool beauty products for men is the perfect ice breaker into your ‘declaration plans’ for the night – but it can work as well as a Valentine’s Day romantic gift for him if you two are official already.

Drop the causal line ‘If you are not doing anything – even it’s Valentine’s day – why don’t we just order Thai and Netflix AF?’ . This way, at least you have a date, which saves you from depressing at home over not being in a relationship. Then, declare your intentions with your cute pressies.

You want to get back with your ex: Valentine’s Day date ideas

The worst. It’s Valentine’s Day and you have recently ended things with your ex.

But not all is lost. Neither of you have started dating someone else, so there’s still room to go over things and patching them up. Make some dumb excuse to see your ex such as ‘I really need that book I lent you’, or ‘My boiler broke down and I don’t know where to shower’.

The trap is set, you just need a good bait.

Clean yourself up, wear that shirt/dress you have worn on one your first dates. He/she will feel at home, and that’s when to sneak in your ‘I haven’t stopped thinking about you’ card. This Valentine’s day idea is perfect for your mindfulness attempts too: deciding and taking control of your life is one of the prerogatives of gaining a healthy and satisfying emotional life.

You are in a new relationship: Valentine’s day date ideas

Valentine’s Day is just another excuse not to get their hands off each other when you have just recently started going out with someone. But it is also the right time to cut some time off just for the two of you away from modern life distractions.

Turn your phones off. Make your way to a remote abode in the middle of nowhere and make him/her aware of how perfect you could be for each other.

Lastly, do you just want to disappear in thin air?

One of the best things to do on Valentine’s day if you really you couldn’t care less if it was Valentine’s or Don’s or Raymond’s day – i.e. you don’t want to get involved with red hearts and all the ‘relationship-themed-everything, we have one piece of advice:

take care of yourself, pal!

Cook yourself a healthy meal with all the exotic trimmings, only after you have been out for a run in the February coldest days of the year, followed by a long soothing bath. Top it all off with a fruity yet earthy glass of vino, Netflix the shit out of Valentine’s day – it’s a date!