Being a model, being a woman, being out of the box: being Adwoa Aboah

19.09.2018 | By PAOLO BOCCHI

What does it mean to be a model today? Here is an example, for everyone: Adwoa Aboah. She became a model by breaking down hostile preconceptions. She founded a digital aggregator like Gurls Talk. She embraced the battles of the strip-girls of L.A.

Cheeky. Not stereotypical. Determined.
Model. Free. Lawyer.
She’s Adwoa Aboah. 26 years old. A rockstar’s husky, low, sensual voice.
A caramel colored face, as a background to precious freckles that counterpoint,
with class and discretion, her refined features. Thighs that, dear Cara (Delevigne), excuse me if I pass you by. Looking at her, at times, you seem to be seeing, and not only for the physical appearance, the sister of Dennis Rodman, basketball player, outsider-multitattoed, who at the end of his career, after winning everything with the Chicago Bulls of Michael Air Jordan, one day, locked up in his pick-up, in a parking lot, he attempted suicide with a shotgun.
Something, perhaps, really unites Adwoah and Dennis. If it’s true, as it’s true,
that Adwoah has also traveled a road paved with problems called alcoholism, depression, and the consequent suicide attempt.
It happened to Adwoah when, at the beginning of her professional career, her non-compliance with the standards of beauty in force in the fashion world deeply wounded and humiliated her.
Then the sun shone. As often happens to those who open new paths.
But Adwoah does not forget.
Determination, this should be the meaning of her name in the Ashanti culture.
Determination is the word that saved Adwoah, when it was the right time,
and that makes her the only “mannequin” activist in the social field, to found, by herself,
Gurls Talk, a movement that fights “for and with” women, with the aim to break down fences and create spaces, not just digital, for expression, comparison, sharing.

Un post condiviso da Adwoa Aboah (@adwoaaboah) in data:

Being a girl, in this 21st century, is the mission of Gurls Talk.
Videos. Interviews. Stories. Experiences. Histories. Poems. Illustrations. Photos. Fashion.
Someone to talk to. Someone to relate to. Says Adwoah, personally.
And she continues, closing the zen circle, like this:

Gurls Talk is my baby, the thing that gets me up in the morning. It was the first place I was able to share my story and now I became this platform where other women and girls are able to share theirs