Best places in Paris to go shopping


Innate self-confidence, chicness that comes from within, va-va-voom: the many ways of defining what is it we cannot copy from the French. Even the simplest look has that extra oomph, something you’d say involuntary, a sort of talent: we cannot turn you into a Parisian, but we can show you where to shop in Paris like a local.

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Louvre and Tuileries District

Amongst the districts in Paris, Louvre and Tuileries is one of the most glamorous one, with high-end stores such as designer fashion, with Hermes and Versace in pole position. Get yourself down to Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and check out Colette’s former address, where one of the best concept store in the world used to be.


If you are looking to find your Parisian concept store, a visit to Oberkampf neighbourhood will allow you to enter one of the city’s best designer boutique: a mix of world famous labels and local designers, Merci has the cosy feel you need to give you the impression you are buying unique original pieces made in Paris.

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Galeries Lafayette

The opulence of epoque buildings and the grandeur of a fashion institution which has been pleasing shopping urges from all over the world since 1893: Galerie Lafayette is much more than a shopping centre, it’s the mecca of shopping in Paris. From its establishment thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Théophile Bader and Alphonse Kahn, this the best shopping in Paris you can experience all under one single roof, in the name of ‘modernity and audacity’.


Located in Haut Marais, this where shopping in Paris gets down to serious business, making it more of a thing for fashion connoisseurs. Swildens in  the name behind the creator of this Parisian ethereal brand you need to get your hands on: bohemian chic, nothing ethnic, all to do with reinterpreting classic pieces through the fashion language spoken in Paris. The man shirt, the tuxedo and well known prints have all been taken to another dimension.

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A French boutique created by  sisters Domitille and Angélique Brion, in the name of creating and androgyne aesthetic for girls that worked as the new direction towards all French mademoiselle should be heading to. If you want to join the club and slip into a pair of Casablanca Pantalon, the girls have opened their doors in 4 different shops in Paris.


If you are in need of designer clothes, there are certain shops in Paris where you can get the best buy for a discounted price: L’Habilleur is your designer bargain temple, but don’t expect to find the Champs Elysees kind of names, here it is all about concept store brands you would find hard to get full price, never mind at a less expensive rate.