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Best villains: it’s good to be bad.

20.12.2018 | By MICOL PIOVOSI

Evil takes many forms on your TV screen: don’t think about villains as if they were all just maniacs or killers with a baseball bat. Sometimes it’s their clever way of tearing someone apart, or their funny gimmicks to commit a murder. Either way, those villains able to make you root for them rather than for the main characters deserve some recognition. Or fame.
Here are the top 5 best villains that ever appeared in a TV show.

Cersei Lannister - Game of Thrones

Bend the knee in front of the real villain of Game of Thrones. Her wits make her far more fearful than the cruel Ramsay Bolton or her tormenting son Joffrey Baratheon. Cersei manipulates people around her and plays by her own rules: she’s not afraid to get what she wants, at whatever means necessary. And every time you think she couldn’t get any worse, well… she does.

James Moriarty - Sherlock Holmes

Moriarty: the first supervillain. Originally in Sherlock Holmes’ adventures on paper, the professor has been brought to everyone’s screens by BBC Sherlock. From math professor to consulting criminal, Moriarty is now the ultimate villain, thanks also to Andrew Scott’s performance. He’s funny, witty, yet extremely insane: the perfect mix.

Hannibal Lecter

Eating human flesh is evil per se, but Dr. Hannibal Lecter is not just a cannibal. Lecter is also clever, so clever that he sees humanity like pure nourishment. He slices human bodies and Will’s brain, his friend and opponent. He’s above us and he knows it.

Benjamin Linus

Let’s forget for a moment Benjamin Linus’ shot of redemption by the end of Lost. Let’s talk about the real Ben, the character that made all of us begin to root for the Others, thanks to Michael Emerson’s breathtaking performance. Charisma, witts, and a great ability of deceiving: Ben had it all.

Bob - Twin Peaks

Who killed Laura Palmer? I won’t tell you. But I will talk about Frank Silva’s depiction of Bob, the demon that possesses Twin Peaks’ community in order to perpetrate his crimes. The actor was, in fact, just a crew member. Just a couple of unexpected glimpses of him on set convinced Lynch to create Bob for him.

Cigarette smoking man - Xfiles

A cunning conspirator who hides in the shadows, working his way from the inside of the system. His aim? Preparing Earth for an alien invasion by plotting a decades-long cover-up. The mastermind of the show, that has taught to many of us why you should “Trust no one”.