Best watches 2017: the perfect present for him


Let the quest for the best Christmas present for him begin: we have all been there, with the struggle of finding something to wow him. We are telling you, this Christmas, let desperate housewives spray sickly fragrance on useless paper sticks, let them scour for pointless gadgets and fancy wine tasting weekends, because we have an infallible idea: we are giving you out of the ordinary presents. Check out the best watches 2017, from high tech to top of luxury and street style, we have the whole lot.

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Bulgari Octo Maserati

What do you think if we tell you Bulgari? Elegance and that kind of safe nest, the you can’t go wrong kind of elegance. But with Octo Maserati there’s more: Bulgari and the luxury car brand have joint forces to create a timeless piece, that screams Italian mastery all over. The Roman Basilica of Massenzio (310 B.C.) and its peculiar architecture based on an octagonal design is the inspiration behind this model: the Diamond-like-Carbon steel case and the Swiss watch making mastery give this piece the title of best watch 2017, a true expression of sophistication

GA-800 by G-Shock

Is he an active urban gentleman? Then you really must check the latest G-Shock, a watch made for street look lovers, or better, for those who actually do some kind of street sport, make it skateboard, parkour, bmx or even a good old run. The vibrant red will create a pop of colour to make him stand out in any occasion, whether he keeps on with the street outfits or he slips on a business casual jacket for his next meeting.

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Apple series 3 Smartwatch

When it comes to smartwatches, there’s only one way to make sure you get it right, and that’s to load yourself onto the apple store and get their latest version of the thing: the Apple series 3 smartwatch. Fully loaded with fitness trackers, it can also run apps connecting via Bluetooth. Fine, what’s new? The inclusion of a 4G LTE radio makes it the smartest of smartwatches, one that you can actually use instead of your phone: which means he will be able to track his heart rate through the day and answer your calls at the same time – not sure how good this is though

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45

From the diamond watch for Bella Hadid, TAG Heuer can teach all Swiss watch brands a thing or two on how to keep pace with modern times. And that’s why their Connected Modular 45 might be the perfect watch for him that blends all the traits of the watches mentioned above: Swiss mastery, high tech, classic style and superb design, plus an edgy and cool vibe for those man who have stopped time at age 30, handsome and wise.

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