Biophilia and Independence as the New Luxury Tourism Values


‘Nowadays we are more location independent than ever’


Sustainability, essentialism, finding a new bond with nature are the principles redefining luxury in the modern era and we have explored them in the latest design trends, ultimately in the new frontiers for those who are after the best way to reward themselves with a well deserved break.

Today we are not looking at ‘the best places to see in…’, today is all about how you can take your very own, luxurious, eco friendly accommodation and tailor for yourself a special corner, an oasis, the one spot amist uncontaminated nature, where to reboost yourself in full.

Oikos is the new frontier in sustainable luxury tourism.

Independence is freedom to move

From an ancient Greek word used to express the house, the family and their property, the new way of thinking about holidays is called Oikos; modular constructions that embrace all the principles of new luxury adding a value still rather unexplored in this type of estate market. Mobility, and with that comes downsizing.

Simpler and smaller  

Take a holiday resort, the buffet dinners, the disco night and cabaret show, the miles-away-beach, the never ending queing for something. Now imagine the exact opposite. There’s a beautiful natural setting, you and the a type of housing perfectly embedded in nature, in fewer square metres. Oikos reflects and makes possible the tiny house movement, a social movement where people downsize the space they live in order to experience a much more efficient and simpler way of living.

Oikos: wherever….

The modular design brought forward by founders Monika and Nebojša presents two characteristics that can take minimalism and ecotourism to the next level. The structure doesn’t permanently connect to the ground, and as a consequence of this factor, the module can be pretty much be installed anywhere your natural instinct take you. Not only it can be built it on land that isn’t owned, but the house doesn’t necessarily need building permits as building a house would.


The modular house does not abide by the word permanent and this is where it gets even more interesting: it can be repurposed and used several times. This means that with owning one Oikos, buyers actually own a multitude of them.

Essential but with all the comforts

These pictures speak more than our many words on how extreme the idea of gaining a contact with nature back – and going back to our origins – was the pivot behind the conception of this type of housing. But extreme doesn’t mean wild and adventurous, the modular houses come fully furnished and finished in the sleekest design, staying true to their functional, minimalistic and sustainable identity. Separating the interiors from the outside world the houses feature three glazed wooden windows, guaranteeing top energy efficiency.

Biophilia: for the love of wood

The love for nature doesn’t stop there. ‘The urge to affiliate with other forms of nature’ continues once we step inside; wood, as in solid wood panels from spruce. The legacy with wood comes from Slovenia, where the founders have given life to Oikos and imagined a way of rethinking wood.

Affordable luxury

As much as we stay away from discussing price ranges, especially when introducing holidays and leisure activities with the word luxury, we would like you to further embrace the idea of luxury tourism suggested with this type of housing. Luxurious isn’t the splashing cash on how-many-stars the resort has next to its name, rather, if the accommodation serves the main purpose of creating a better life balance for its users.


Where can you set up an Oikos?


Croatia. Located in the village Drage in Pakostane, the resort allocating Oikos is set on one of the most beautiful beaches on the Croatian Coast, which is renowned for its variety and wilderness, even today after some its famous islands have become mass tourism destinations.

The villas are literally part of the beach. Plus, the Buquez Eco resort, on the island of Vrgada, will also soon feature a meditation corner and floating wooden island, adding mindfulness to the process of finding a better and more balanced lifestyle.

Other locations like Austria and Sweden may sound less blissful than the Croatian crystaline waters, but take a look at this and we bet any strip of land will sound as the perfect spot where to set free all of your ‘desires of nature’. Not just that, a Digital Nomad Oikos Boutique Hotel is on the horizon, a project that will target those who need a co-working space, and accommodation, while travelling.