Cape Town – Bo-Kaap

19.09.2018 | By PAOLO BOCCHI

In South Africa, amongst sharks splashing in cold waters and a light that seems to shine purposely to take wonderful pictures, in a city that lives at the foot of a wall called “Table Mountain”, there is a neighborhood where you can see the rainbow’s profile.

February. Carnival. Time for colors.
We are leaving for South Africa.
Everyone knows that the light in CapeTown is one of the most beautiful that a human being can enjoy.
Not surprisingly, in this area of ​​the world, there are more photographers at work than sharks in the water.
And together with the photographers, models, actors, actresses, directors, assistants, make-up artists & hairstylists land in the city; in short, everything in show business.
Notwithstanding the sharks.
Photographic shots for magazines, calendars, products: everything, or almost, happens here.
CapeTown is a city of vivid colors.
Its neighborhoods light up, in different ways, several times in a single day.
The blinding sun shining in the sky, the clouds clinging to the Table Mountain overlooking the city, the wind that energetically sweeps the streets of the neighborhoods, the brightness of the reflections from the foaming waves of the ocean “comes and goes”, the long red sunsets, that defining African is not sufficient: everything contributes to making Cape Town a city where colors are important, dazzling, dominant.
Inside CapeTown, there is a district that, as for colors, is the undisputed champion.
It is called Bo – Kaap. It is also known as “the Malay district”. It is situated right “above” the center of CapeTown (hence the name, Bo-Kaap, High Cape). And it is the center of the Islamic part of the capital.
Bo – Kaap is a kind of “color palette” applied to low houses of one or two floors at most.
Walking here is an experience in itself.
One feels a stranger, but at the same time protected.
One feels a like a tourist, but at the same time an inhabitant.
One feels like an intruder, but at the same time welcome.
It’s a strange feeling to explain.
You have to experience it in person.
Colors and the sky envelope you, from the side.
The closest you can find, in reality, to what, provocatively, that genius of Bruno Munari said:
“See the rainbow’s profile”.
Cape Town.
High Cape.