Caribbean vacations: the best spots, tips and outfits


With more than 700 islands, planning a holiday in the Caribbean does involve some research ahead,  especially if you have never been to the place or you don’t know where to start from. We have selected some of the best islands and the most scenic locations and experiences for you to get all the right inspiration ahead of a holiday in the Caribbean.


If the weather originated catastrophes have left some of the most popular locations to rebuild themselves after 2017, other locations were left untouched, such as the southern part of the Lesser Antilles as well as the part of the Latin American Coast.

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Cartagena, Colombia

Shakira does strikes as the perfect combo between Caribbean and Latin flair, and that’s exactly what you should expect to find in her homeland, Colombia: if you do decide to visit it, a trip to Cartagena is a culinary journey amongst grilled fish and yummy sauces, those delicacies that make it a ‘food mecca’.

GoldenEye, Jamaica

Are you into James Bond? If you have read the novels, you are sure fond of Ian Fleming, the mind behind one of the biggest cinema franchises in cinema history. And the GoldenEye happens to be the home of the English author, now a fancy retreat made of 26 beach huts.

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Starfish Beach, Panama

We guess you kind of already know that the Caribbean region offers a variety of wildlife, landscapes and nature made attractions that will surely get you out of any fancy resort you book. If you want to find that picture perfect spot, the Panamanian archipelago of Bocas del Toro is where the Starfish Beach is located.

Great Blue Hole, Belize

If you are a nature lover and find yourself often watching one of those documentaries about the natural marvels of the world, planning a trip to the Caribbean should start from here, from the most geologically impressive destinations for divers: it’s a 410 foot deep hole, where you can admire extraordinary rock formations as well as sea creatures.

British Virgin Islands

Without even dwelling much into the fact that if you are British and happen to be one of those typical British tourists who look for sausage resellers and cider, the British Virgin Islands have indeed infused with plenty of Britishness throughout, except it will be the one of Chelsea rather than Scunthorpe.


If instead you are one of those travellers addicted to nature, isolation and a complete switch off from everyday comforts and routines, Guadeloupe is a whole country of protected natural reserves where you can just feel one thing with earth. If crowded resorts, set meals and free time schedules are not for you, this is the most adventurous among Caribbean vacations.

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St. Lucia is without a doubt one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the Caribbean, with its pristine beaches and heart beat stopper sunsets: not only that, aspiring brides and husbands do plan a visit to St.Lucia for that very important ‘Yes’. This is in fact one of the best Caribbean islands chosen as a wedding destination.

Trinidad and Tobago

Nicki Minaj has through her musical career incorporated a lot of the spirit from this colorful and soulful  Caribbean Island. Crazy dancing and the upbeat tempo of steel drums are all real, not just fruits of the inventive creativity of the female rapper.

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Instead of the British infusion of the British Virgin Islands, Martinique is a French Caribbean island: as well as the sensational nature offered by Mount Pelèè and the stunning beaches, there’s plenty on the menu in terms of culture too such as Anse Cafard Slave Memorial and Schoelcher Library.

Puerto Rico

Jlo is the name that springs to mind when we say the words Puerto Rico: although she was actually born in  the Bronx, her heritage is all down to this Caribbean Island: as the smallest island of the Greater Antilles it gathers a wide variety of natural beauties, from mangrove forests to white sandy beaches. Not only that, Puerto Rico is where you can visit three bioluminescent bays: Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Laguna Grande in Fajardo and La Bahía Fosforescente in La Parguera.

What to wear? Dressing for a Caribbean holiday depends on what kind of activities you wish to plan for. Leaving on one side tech sporty attire, we suggest these dresses as your best Caribbean holiday companion.