Celeb couples best looks, starting from Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin


Since they have announced their engagement back in July, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been at the center of fans and media speculations on whether they may have already tied the knot or not: truth is, for now what we know is that the two are not married yet on paper, although it seems their matching looks might tell a their commitment to one another has already reached bets couple outfit goals.


The many couple shots and top notch looks sported by the pop star+model duo has actually inspired us in selecting the best and worst dressed out of the ever growing world of celebrity couples.

But first: what makes a good couple outfit a good couple outfit?

Needless to say that his and hers looks are some of the most daunting ones to master, and we are sure most of the following celebs rely on their style guru’s final touches before heading out, hand in hand for morning coffee – if that’s what they do.

Three basic principles can be established when deliberating on which couple outfit is worth attempting a replica:


• Effortless synchronisation. Too matchy-matchy and  lovers may end up looking like professional ice skaters

• Formality check. Some say it’s easier for women to dress formally than for men, some say the contrary. What matters is that both head to the same level of casual/formal/laidback

• How many trends in one look? Not too many. Dressing as couple should be like dressing as couple for Halloween, which means choosing ONE theme. You can’t do camo, snake print, mom jeans and oversized parka all-in-one outfit.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s Instagram isn’t actually the best place where to get all the juicy fashion tips from the most famous couple of the moment. And yes, if lately you may have given a go yourself at eating a burrito sideways too, you should know this is the only thing Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber do not share. You will have to look on those insta profile collecting their best looks, together of course.

On a style point of view, burritos aside, they share plenty of habits though: streetstyle is their motto, with an abundance of slouchy pants, here the impeccably cool ones by Dondup, super cropped tops and sneakers for her, as well as the unmissable denim shorts (will it ever be winter?). And that’s the only possible way to match Justin Bieber eternal ‘boy’ looks, which involve a tee, a hooded jumper and oversized shorts.

On a hairstyle point of view, we don’t know what exactly is going on with Bieber’s surfer’s out of the water messy-would-be-a-compliment locks, but we are glad Hailey is not matching it.

Rapper Travis Scott and star Kylie Jenner not only are seen in matching outfits, but it’s their matching in the showbiz.


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Where to start from with these two: is it Kanye West’s small fitting Yeezy sandals he added to the olive green look sported at 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward’s wedding or the fact his plus one was wearing a ‘matching’ acid green second skin dress?  On less mundane occasions though, the 41 year old and the queen of flaunting do actually come up with some rather plausible looks.


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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have recently posted their first official Instagram shot together, but we think what we have found what makes up for the best couple outfit: Eid Mubarak’s outfits, better known as those outfits worn to celebrate the end of Ramadan, are a matter taken very seriously by former One Direction member and stellar model. He’s in his white thobe and burgundy pants, while she’s matching the traditional vibe with an orange batik-like print tunic.


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The Carters are undoubtedly the best ones at creating of their union a successful image, even if it is just with an 80s inspired look.


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Orange Is The New Black stars Samira Wiley – actress – and Lauren Morelli – writer – are seen in a multitude of couple outfits that all women should copy: from elegant little black dress moments to relaxed cosy chilling weekend looks.


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Team Williams, as in British pop star Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field, never fail to stop the show with some flamboyant yet ‘age appropriate’ live shows outfits: they have the Fashion X Factor, haven’t they?


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