Celebrating sneaker culture, Puma X Hot Wheels out on November 15th


They don’t come with assembling instructions, but they will send you off the track: Puma for Hot Wheels sneakers out today

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Toys are many things that surround us: for some toys are high-tech gadgets, for others a toy is a creative project to play around with. But when it comes to Mattel and Puma you probably know we are talking about some types of toys that stick with you all your life: cars and sneakers. Two things you can never have enough of.

Celebrating Hot Wheels 50th anniversary Puma is launching on the 15th of November an exclusive collection in collaboration with the most colourful and grittiest toy cars maker.

The collection includes three models inspired by RS-X Toys range interpreted through Puma’s latest designs, which nod to the worlds of performance and streetwear both, as well as the patented RS technology on the midsole.

Collectibles in 2018

The collaboration establishes a file rouge between toy cars and sneakers: the idea of collectibles. In 2018, with Millennials prone to consuming with an eye towards the environment and sustainability, fast cars are not necessarily the ‘object of desire’ all grown kids crave. On the other side, Millennials have created themselves the so called ‘sneaker culture’: limited edition sneakers that can only be considered a luxury. If a GenZ buys 5 ‘luxury sneakers’ per year, they would spend the equivalent of a deposit for a semi-decent car. The collaboration between Puma and Hot Wheels comes as the final conjunction of two parallel lines, or better two tracks we as kids, teenagers, adults will always compete to reach the finishing line first.


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The collection

Puma teaming up with Hot Wheels meant that some creative minds had to look through god knows how many car models and find the ones that could win this style race: it is Hot Wheels first collection RS-X TOYS HOT WHEELS 16 that made it in the line-up first as it was the first collection made by Hot Wheels. Another iconic die-cast toy that ignited Puma is the ’68 Camaro custom edition, which is reinterpreted as the RS-X TOYS HOT WHEELS CAMARO in Vibrant Orange – PUMA Black colourway. And lastly a toy car interpreted first by Hot Wheels and now by Puma out of these 3 pieces is the Black & Gold Rodger Dodger die-cast car.

The bulky sneakers are part of a whole collection of clothes Puma is launching in occasion of Hot Wheels 50th anniversary: PUMA x HOT WHEELS T7 Track Pants and a Jacket with customized T7 insert that  links back to the iconic Hot Wheels cars are some of the men’s and kid’s pieces you can collect from November 15th.