Coachella weekend 2: is it better than weekend 1?


We are curious animals here at D360 and we thought our skills should be put to some good use with giving you all there is to know about the differences between the two weekends of outstanding performances that constitute Coachella.

Judging from what went down at Coachella 2018, here’s why you may like the closing weekend better

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Weekend 2 pros

Less crowds

Even the celebs prefer weekend two, as it’s easier to fly out there and they can really enjoy the desert settings like one would do.


Performances are better

There’s nothing worse than waiting for 2 hours for one of your selected gigs as the artists are behind on schedule, probably due to some technical glitch: a second run of the same show ( the 2 replica weekends have been in place since 2012) allows performers and their teams to tweak the act to perfection. Not only that: Coachella’s schedule is jam packed and does often change and this is why on the second weekend it is less likely you’ll be missing what you planned to watch ahead for last minute overlappings.

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You know what to expect

If one weekend some artists you wouldn’t have fitted in your schedule have instead put up a great show, Coachella weekend 2 is all about you watching these things out and rethink everything according to what really happened on that stage.

Weekend 2 cons

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The surprise effect

Coachella Weekend one is probably one of the biggest spoilers on the planet: unfortunately all that goes down is public on social media and the surprise effect is something that vanishes as soon as the first artists takes centre stage.

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Coachella 2018: a proof of all the aboves

Beyoncè weekend 1 and 2 compared

If that gobsmacked effect Beyonè caused in her crowds on Coachella weekend 1 with her walk in that Nefertiti look, Coachella weekend 2 did not match that: as we just mentioned, the surprise effect is not there anymore, even though she did change all of her outfits. The all visual was very different, as she insisted with a fuchsia colour scheme this time instead of the goldenrod one.

She also maintained the same guests, Jay-Z and that reunion with Destiny’s Child, plus that duet with sister Solange. The only extra guest Beyonce brought out for Coachella weekend two was J-Balvin, with a verse om ‘Mi Gente’.

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Eminem got to close the show

If you asked us what was so special about Coachella 2018 weekend 2 we would have to say it was the the way Eminem took it and knocked it to close to the show probably like no one had ever done before.


The real Slim Shady performed for 1 hour and a half, proving that despite everything rap is still one of the best things in the world. That despite is 45 years of age, he still is a the top of his game, that despite the direction rap seems to have taken, he still is a living legend.