Coffee table books: judge a book by its cover to pick the best ones


A thing of beauty, something that says a little bit about your personality, something to entertain your guests: what is it? It’s the coffee table book. We are not even joking. In some tidy and perfectly functioning households, certain books not only have a specific allocation – the coffee table – but solve a different purpose: if you want to get hold of only the best coffee tables out there to wow your guests (even if the rest of the house is a tip) keep reading this.

Vogue: The Covers (updated edition) Hardcover by Dodie Kazanjian

If we know a thing or two about you is that you didn’t end up on this webpage just by luck: chances are you are into glamorous clothes, style and the latest trends on anything. This leads to the obvious conclusion that amongst fashion coffee table books, this amazing collection of Vogue Covers is the best way for you to inject your living room with a bit of retro fashion vibe.

Beaches, by Gray Malin

Rather than hanging a huge poster of one sunkissed beach, why not having a 20 coastlines catalogue of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world? A coffee table book that can transport your guests from Dubai to Chicago sandy sides, or simply can brighten up your gloomy days spent binging on TV series and inspire you to book your next holiday.

Tenements Tower & Trash: an Unconventional illustrated history of New York City by Julia Wertz

If you want to surprise your guests with something utterly intriguing, this illustrated reportage of New York forsaken corners and darkest sides is the best coffee table you can invest some cash on: ‘the blocks, the buildings and the guts’, are far from the glamorous tales of art-design-fashion in the Big Apple, but surely are exceptional new material to everyone.

What I see, by Brooklyn Beckham

The surname is the one: son of Victoria and David, the eldest one, actor, model and photographer Brooklyn Beckham has an eye for beautiful shots, thanks also to his studies at Parsons. Teenagers love him of course, and will love this selfies coffee table book too when their BBFs visit for some last minute revising

Retro Air Jordan: Shoes. Colouring book.

If you don’t have kids you have probably already scrolled to the next coffee table book already: that’s only because you don’t remember how soothing and therapeutic it is to colour on colouring books. This isn’t a lame collection of fairy tale characters though, as it features all Air Jordan sneakers from 1 to 23: a hit with adults and kids, a must have a coffee table book

Chuck D Presents This Day in Rap and Hip-Hop History

We have been giving you plenty of facts on rap history, with the best rappers and the best rap songs of all times and the best Eminem’s hits too. If you want to put on the table – literally – a conversation on rap history, this rap timeline by Chuck D, a founding member of Public Enemy, is the coffee table book you need.