Comfy outfit ideas to wear while traveling


Getting dressed for reaching your holiday destination can be a tricky one: it is always demanding to get your head around what to wear when travelling for so many reasons. First, you really have no more clothes to wear, as you have packed them all in that suitcase. Then there is the comfort issue, where you don’t want to be bothered by annoying fabrics, fitted pants and super skinny jeans when you have to sit on a plane for half a day. Finally, the temperature issue. Airports in special, tend to show us bi-polar climates, from steaming hot standing in cues moments, to freezing cold and paralyzing air con.



So, what’s the trick to travel outfits? Is to be looking at these right travel outfits, which you can wear for any kind of travel destination your ticket/map/booking says.

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No travel can start if you don’t have with you at hand a bomber jacket. Taking it with you even when you think you’ll be melting like a marshmallow in the sun is actually a right thing. Bomber jackets can be unisex and can be matched with pretty much anything, from jeans to mini skirt, dresses and shorts. The easy way out of travel outfits pickle will have you going for a denim uniform, in the shape of a shirt and jeans. His and Hers.

Another way of covering up during airport transfers is to wear travel pants for women that are stylish and at the same time comfy: these have the pattern you need to make a statement, but you won’t have to compromise on a laid back attitude and feel.

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Layering is key to any travel outfit: you are always in time to take things off, but if you underdress, there’s no remedy there. Go for a zip oversized hooded jumper, which room pockets for that practical bit of space you need to throw in tickets and documents whilst juggling with handles and your mobile phones.

If you want to do cool feminine in one go whilst jumping on and off trains, match an oversized blazer with denim shorts and chunky sneakers, a trend we will be talking about soon enough.

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Comfort during travels doesn’t come easier to achieve than with athleisure, which is being done by all major brands in all styles, colours and fabrics. Stick to pastel tones if you don’t want to go for the football kit revival we are witnessing right now and match with a denim jacket. For a bit of extra femininity, choose cropped pants.

When travelling, look for outfits for travelling that workers of the travelling industry would wear. If Chiara Ferragni wears Alitalia logo pullovers on a plane, she might end up being mistaken for a flight attendant. You can confuse the cabin crew too, just go for it.

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Another way of finding the right balance of cuteness and comfort in one travel outfit is with an oversized jumper that you will wear almost as a dress. Create a feminine silhouette by underlining the waist with a fanny pack, which not only does it comply with the latest fashion trends, but it does also serve a lot of purpose in keeping you all your belongings safe and tidy while on-the-go.

What you really should avoid doing when dressing for travelling:

  • Stick to cotton and natural fabrics, your perspiration and the person sitting next to you on the plane will thank you loads.
  • Shoes: heels are no travelling shoes. No Hadid’s or other starlet has been spotted wearing pointy pumps. The jet set knows when it’s time to do sneakers, shades and baggy denims. So should you.
  • Makeup: there’s no point in looking like you’re ready to hit Mykonos’ strip when instead you are on a 6 am flight to Dubai. A minimal approach to make up will be the sensible thing to do.