#CONTROL – Influencers & Followers

11.01.2018 | By Maria the Pilot

Every established clothing company has a strategic plan of how to place their products in several different locations within a shop. Product placement, also known as embedded marketing, is a technique used with the specific intent to control customers’ behavior towards a specific product, in hope that he or she will eventually buy the item. Just like large fashion companies use embedded marketing to control a customer’s decision-making, the same technique is used in film-making, in social media and all over the Internet.

The uprising group of people that have a large number of followers on their social media platforms across the Internet, called influencers, automatically have influence, therefore, control over their followers. When an influencer shares specific content, on a regular basis, of a new pair of
headphones they use, clothes they wear or music they listen to, it often generates social interactions such as likes, comments, and shares. In some way these posts direct their followers’ thoughts, planting ideas that potentially could lead to controlling another person’s thoughts about
the promoted product itself. Compared to a product advertisement in a magazine, people are more likely to buy the same product when hearing about it from someone they have chosen to follow themselves on social media. Because people trust people, and with that trust comes responsibility.

Maria The Pilot listening to music

Being a digital influencer myself, I share my life and what I do on social media on a daily basis. By doing something regularly, exposing people to certain kinds of content, I somehow control the reactions of my followers in a way that I want them to. This is exactly the reason why I always put a
lot of thought into what I promote on my channels since I know about the impact it might have on others. I use this possibility of control to share things with my followers that I sincerely believe they would like, and that I believe in myself, providing them with a possibility to find out about things they might not find on their own.

Maria The Pilot photographing a pink block

I would never post something that I genuinely couldn’t stand behind or a product that I’d never use myself, which in a way is how I refuse the possibility of control over my followers in some cases. In my opinion, using or refusing to exercise control over my followers has to do with trust, and being trustworthy is something that is truly important to me. I believe that by spreading real and genuine messages and repeatedly expose people to positiveness you’ll get positive reactions. As an influencer, it’s important not to underestimate the impact one has through sharing on social media.
Because in the end, people trust people. With great power comes great responsibility, and with great influence comes great responsibility.