Cozy and fit: the best home gym equipment


We’ve all been there: armed with enthusiasm we enrolled in a gym with the purpose of training constantly but then starting to skip one session, two, three, up to completely giving up going to the gym.

Often it is due to daily commitments, work, fatigue and even bad weather, all elements that make us lose sight of the importance of constant physical activity. The good news is that to get into the healthy habit of doing physical activity at least two or three times a week you don’t even need to leave home: there is in fact some useful home gym equipment, to give yourself all the pleasure and comfort of home fitness.

There are obviously some small precautions to take into consideration: first of all, the machines we buy must be safe and in accordance with our physical condition, then we must make sure we have enough space for them: a tool that is too bulky, in fact, will soon become a nuisance and will be soon put aside or even given away.

It is then important to seek advice from your doctor and a personal trainer, who will explain what kind of training is the most suitable to achieve the desired goal.

Home fitness: stretching for a good start

Every good workout, whether at home or in the gym, should start and end with about ten minutes of stretching to lengthen and loosen the muscles. To this end you may find the following items helpful: a mat, a fit ball or elastic bands, all tools for a home gym that can also be used for muscle strengthening. Let’s have a close look at them:
fit ball: this tool is quite popular and is used to warm up, for training at home, for toning your abs and back muscles and for performing some pilates exercises. This elasticized ball is available in different sizes, to be chosen according to your height. The simplest exercise? Sit on it for about twenty minutes to work the dorsal area and bring benefit to the vertebral discs; the important thing is to maintain a correct posture, without hunching.
elastic band: this small tool for training can be very beneficial, especially to the musculature of the arms. You can’t do without it!

Home gym: aerobic workout equipment

Aerobic training is ideal for speeding up the metabolism, improving endurance and toning the muscles. A cardio training machine is therefore an important purchase for your home gym, with the added benefit of being able to train without leaving home even when the weather is bad or cold, listening to your favorite music and without wasting time commuting to the gym. Treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers and rowers have all the advantages of making us burn calories without causing joint problems or risk of injury.

treadmill: this cardio fitness machine allows you to do physical activity in complete safety, also varying your type of training. To train the heart, legs and gluteus, you can try various walking and running programs, flat or uphill, without tiring the joints as is the case with street running. To understand what the most suitable type of training is, and how to do it correctly, it is best to seek advice from a trainer and, in any case, undergo a medical examination to avoid any problems.

stationary bike: cycling on the stationary bike is the best way to train at home, perhaps in front of your favorite TV series or reading the newspaper! Since it allows you to train calves, thighs and gluteus without tiring the joints, it is particularly suitable for elderly or overweight people. It is also a great way to improve cardiac efficiency and to burn fat and calories.

elliptical trainer: this tool allows you to train the whole body, including arms and shoulders, which follow the pace of the legs. The only caution suggested is to maintain a correct posture so as not to strain your back.

rowing machine: this is perhaps the best tool for a home gym, the most complete ever, able to train abs, back, legs, arms and chest at the same time. By training with the rowing machine on a regular basis you will be able to make your body stronger and more elastic, strengthening your back muscles and helping to burn calories without tiring your joints. To benefit from it, however, it is necessary to assume a correct posture during the exercise, to avoid lumbar problems.

Each of these tools allows you to improve your body and burn calories; the best advice is to choose the one that best suits your body, to achieve your goals and also, why not, your personal tastes, even better after checking in with a doctor. In some cases, these home fitness tools are equipped with a monitor that allows you to keep track of your heart rate, training time and burned calories.

Tools for strengthening your muscles at home

A good home gym can’t overlook the importance of some tools to strengthen and train the muscles in a harmonious way. Don’t worry: in most cases these are not very bulky tools and they are quite cheap!
weights: choose the right weights for home training based on the weight of the tools and the height and level of training of those who must handle them. You can then start with dumbbells and small weights to gradually train your arms, shoulders, back and develop strength and balance.
kettlebell: this is not a bulky tool that allows you to perform exercises to improve endurance, tone and cardiovascular activity. Kettlebells come in different weights: choose the most suitable one according to your level of preparation.
multifunction bench: it is among the home fitness tools, dedicated to strengthening the muscles, which is perhaps the most cumbersome, but also the most versatile, very useful for developing the muscles of legs, arms, abs, chest and back.
tools to train the abs at home: among these there are abdo gains and abs tools, designed for both men and women, to effectively stimulate the abdominal muscles.
home fitness equipment to train arms and pecs: in the home gym of those who want to develop arms and pecs correctly, a bar for tractions to be attached to a wall or a door to enhance this musculature can’t be lacking. Also indispensable is a barbell, perhaps the most classic of gym equipment, which can also be used to train at home.

Home fitness must haves: what’s new

Also in the field of home training there is news: among the new essential tools are the foam roller and the fluidball. The first is a hollow cylinder that is used for toning exercises, but not only: it also serves to massage the body during workout and is able to loosen and relax the muscles both before and after training. The fluidball, on the other hand, is a sort of medicine ball characterized by a liquid inside which, moving, generates continuous instability to be managed during the exercises, enhancing strength and agility. You can use it to perform classic exercises like squats, lunges and push-ups.