Maria the Pilot

Points of view project

Airline Pilot. Outdoor Adventurer. Life Lover. This is Maria Fagerstrom, in only 6 words. She lives in the Canary Islands, flies in the skies all over the world. From her privileged point of view, she will talk about contemporarity and the near future, starting every time from a simple #keyword.
Maria Fagerstrom is the pair of wings of D360, editorial project made up of latitudes, stories, cultures.
D360: portable speaker, deep subwoofer, panoramic eye.

About me

  • Birthday: 14.04.1992
  • Nationality: Sweden
  • Favoured colour: Mint green
  • Motto: Treat people the same way you wish to be treated yourself.
  • Dondup favourite fashion item: Skinny jeans
  • Lifestyle:

    My lifestyle can be described most easily with one simple word, travel. I travel as much as I can, as far as I can and as long as I can because I believe that life is not meant to be lived in one place.

Collect moments, not things.

I work as a commercial airline pilot flying across the skies of Europe. Having my home base located on the Canary Islands in Spain I am fortunate enough to live in a place with summer almost all year round, which means great food, lovely people and of course many outdoor adventures available right outside my doorsteps.

When I’m not working, I love to explore new places and capture moments with my camera, spend time with family and friends, and I am definitely the type of person that rather take on new adventures than lie a whole day by the pool.