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Design hotels and hideaways embedded in nature for the ultimate relaxing holiday


Unless you have been living under a rock, the words ‘off grid’ should be part of your everyday talks; seeking sanctuary away from work, commuting and tight schedules isn’t any longer a desire we can satisfy with an all-inclusive holiday at any 5 star hotel.

Our souls need experiences and that’s what, in the name of sustainability and establishing a connection with nature, architects and design gurus from all over the world have put their minds to work. A minimalist approach to tourism; it’s the epitome of the new idea of luxury, where mankind can rediscover its roots and deepest links with the surroundings as well as fellow human beings. A process than can only be successful if everything around us is so stunning, immersed in the most remote and unique nature, that we forget we have ever had phone, or jobs to stress about.

Kept awake only by the sound of crickets, woken up by a tepid sun shining through the towering trees, entertained by the marvels planet earth has to offer: check out where to spend the best nature holiday in some  of the most attractive design hotels in the world, surrounded only by untouched beauty.

Hiking Wooden cabins by Spinn Arkitekter’s Project Varden, Norway

Mindfulness is also one of the buzzwords of the last 2 years or so and team of architects have been inspired by this need of finding a harmonic balance, healing our energy and pacing our life as we command in the creation of Project Varden. Nature at its bets, and you will be absolutely surrounded by it in one of the two 15 square meters wooden cabins designed to answer this simple brief:

We imagine a small hiking cabin with good windows that has a wood, burning stove and simple benches, placed near the top of the mountain and designed such that it suits the terrain

The first cabin is located in Storfjellet, whilst the second cabin is going to be built over 2019 in Tyven in Hammerfest. The project wasn’t only a commercial idea, but actually a service the Hammerfest chapter of The Norwegian Trekking Association wanted to provide with to other hikers; a lot of the labour out in during the assembling of the cabin was by the hand of hiking enthusiast community of volunteers.

No booking required, but bear in mind these cabins are not intended for overnight sleeps, they are meant to serve as a shelter and relaxing space for hikers. Still though….

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Pedras Salgadas spa & nature park, Portugal

Located in Vila Pouca de Aguiar in a centuries old park, Pedras Salgadas is a great example of how the advances in design materials and technology can work together to create something with nature rather than possibly spoiling it. For a true nature vacation, you can lodge in of the thirteen pods or echo-houses, or even on a tree house and relax in the 19th century thermal spa.

Treehotel, Sweden

Contemporary design and unspoiled nature blend together in Harads to offer you the chance of a dreamy nature vacation: the water of the Lule river will be only noise you will hear whilst sleeping in one of the tree top houses, built in total respect of nature, with sustainable chemical free materials.

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Ion Adventure Hotel, Iceland

A stunning boutique nature hotel in Iceland. These words only are perfect to give you an idea of where you should go for your next vacation if you are a nature lover. Located in Selfoss, Ion Adventure Hotel is the ideal spot to admire the volcanic scenario of Mount Hengill, a natural element that is reflected in the choice of materials of this design hotel: driftwood and lava.

Hotel Capo la Gala, Italy

Sorrento and its famous Riviera: this is where the seaside hotel Capo la Gala finds its perfect spot, embracing all the marine nature the place has to offer. Wood and stone are the materials chosen for the design of this luxury hotel offering premium spot on one of the most famous beaches in the world.

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Bisma Eight, Indonesia

Bali’s colorful nature in all its nuances is what you can experience with a holiday at Bisma Eight, a boutique hotel in Ubud: relaxation and immersion are their motto, together with absolute comfort and embracing Balinese culture. The bamboo railings and cascading ivy of the Canopy Suites are the best room choice if you are a nature lover searching for a chic accommodation.

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Cala Luna Boutique Hotel, Costa Rica

Welcome to the jungle! How about that for the ultimate experience for all nature lovers? The tropical vegetation, the old grown trees and the white sandy beach will be your travel companion in this boutique hotel in the wonderful nature of Costa Rica, for a luxurious rather than adventurous getaway this time.

Wickaninnish Inn, Canada

Located in Tofino, the wild west island of Vancouver, Wickaninnish Inn is perched on the forest coast amongst the untouched beauty of Chesterman Beach. From winter storm watching to simply taking in all the breeze of the pacific Ocean, the Wickaninnish Inn can offer a true dreamy nature vacation.

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Adrer Amellal

In one of the last remaining desert oasis in the world, Adrer Amellal is a hotel for true nature lovers: nested at the foot of a desert mountain formation, it will be a unique opportunity to flavour all the charm of the desert. Each room is hand built, an authentic craft for real nature lovers: no electricity, but just a dozen candles light the desert rooms.

White Pod, Switzerland

For a true snow experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps, White Pod is your design hotel: the three different types of pods have all the chalet vibe, the Swiss character – thanks to the old woods and the mountain bells. On top of that, the pods are equipped with a sauna and an IPad pro with Netflix, for all the cosy relaxation you need in your alpine nature holiday.

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