Dondup launches D/Zero, their eco-friendly line of denim


There are different ways in which a fashion label can embrace the topic of sustainability and Dondup has found its very own by staying true to their core values as a brand that excels in high quality denim. Their take on eco-friendly made clothing has been masterfully named D/Zero, a vocabulary association with the scale of impact on the environment during the manufacturing stages of the fabric.

Aesthetic and ethics = Dondup’s new DNA

A venture that joins Dondup’s DNA and heritage, as well as all its Italian craftsmanship, with the innovative expertise of Candiani, world leader as a sustainable fabric manufacturer: a brainchild of Dondup’s head of design Chicco Barina, D/Zero will interpret some of the staples amongst Dondup denim collections under a ‘green’ light. Not only with D/Zero will the women’s Monroe and the men’s George jeans maintain their superior quality and stay truth to Dondup’s original aesthetic, but they will also do this without an increase on their retail price. The line will extend to six pieces, which will portray Dondup’s ‘same but different’ core motto.

DONDUP_Dzero PRESS CONFERENCE_Simon Giuliani (Marketing Director Candiani)_Matteo Anchisi (COO Dondup)_Matteo Marzotto (Chairman Dondup), Chicco Barina (Head of Dondup Design)

Innovation is the new fashion

Dondup’s Chairman Matteo Marzotto stated in an interview:

‘’It is a project that not only promotes our best industrial traditions but that also aims at creating a system in which aesthetic and ethics can coexist, thanks to a combined way of working the fabric as well as the cloth washes’’

The innovative side of D/Zero is rather the real showstopper to watch out for on the fashion horizon: Kitotex, that’s the name to remember. A 100% natural and biodegradable substance made of shellfish’s shell. This material plays a key role in reducing the impact of industrial production on the environment: it needs 50% less water as well as lower temperatures. But that’s not all:

‘A considerable help comes also during the washing phase, as it purifies waste waters and it is also antistatic and bacteriostatic’

stated Simon Giuliani, Candiani’s global marketing director.

A first step…

A 1-million-euro investment is what Dondup’s D/Zero is worth, a value that cannot be measured in terms of profitability as in instant revenues, but rather on the value we all give to the world we live in: respecting the environment is no longer just a fashion fad or something companies adopt as core value to attract consumers. Sustainability is the future of manufacturing, whether we are looking at textile manufacturing or agriculture, automotive and other industries: encouraging projects like D\Zero adds that extra value to the era of eco-friendly.

The value of beauty, which on top of doing something good for the environment, makes up as a pretty good excuse to go and feel that’ denim addiction’ too.

In the near future Dondup will look also into recycled cotton as another way of ‘going green’ in a feasible and sustainable way.