Facebook and Tinder go head to head on the online dating front


Wouldn’t this debate be solved if someone could come up with the infallible matchmaking system portrayed in the latest season of Black Mirror?


No, it wouldn’t. Here’s why.


Online dating isn’t just about matchmaking, even though Mark Zuckerberg is convinced a Facebook dating app will be able to help singles to find the right match for building a solid relationship. Science is what led him to this conclusion – apparently.

So, does Tinder really need to perceive this as a challenge?

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Dating for the right prince on Facebook or dating dating in Tinder?

We have partially answered this question, but there’s something we cannot grasp yet.

After only a month of the Cambridge Analytica scandal which really impacted the perception of how safe it is to share personal data on the internet, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is going to launch his own app where Facebook will be basically asking users to manage their most private information in the world of personal data: who they sleep with. Because let’s be frank, from any corner you look at it, online dating does end up in someone’s bed sooner or later?


This reflection comes after we learn that this Facebook online dating app will actually be part of Facebook where “users of this feature could browse and “unlock” local events and message others planning to attend. If a potential date responded, the two would then connect via a text messaging feature that is not connected to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger” – explained Chris Cox, chief product officer of the app.

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Tinder makers Match have probably read this information and made their very own conclusions adding to the fact that – never mind the privacy scandal – people will be afraid of getting caught dating, or better, cheating, if the app is somewhat linked with a social media platform users utilize to share photos of their children.

The vast majority of singles would not want to use Facebook for dating primarily due to concerns with data and personal privacy, but more importantly they don’t want to be contacted by strangers on a social network meant for connections with friends and family

Match CEO Mandy Ginsberg stated on CNBC

What’s the hook then? According to Facebook CEO the idea behind dating on a Facebook app is that people will be doing it actually not to just hook up in as on Tinder’s world of one-night stands and hand cramps caused by relentlessly swiping through 30 somethings perfectly contoured and highlighted makeup women’s profile photos.

real long-term relationships – not just hook-ups

said MZ earlier this month

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Why does Mark think he can give us that? Or better, why does he want to give us that?

Because science says dating apps are like dope for human beings, and best of it all, they it’s a kind of dope you can legally have at any given time of the day, the dose you want, no restrictions whatsoever.

To put this into educated speculation talks based on scientific theories, the fun side of being on Tinder and other online dating apps such as Bumble is based the principle of the variable ratio reward schedule. By using the app singles feel a reward is coming, even if this might just be a reward created by the algorithm in a casual way makes it even more addictive.

It’s all down to the release of dopamine [see dope]: waiting for the reward does actually increase the level of dopamine and that’s where the dating game becomes addictive.

Now, we are based in Italy and we know a thing or two about passion, chemistry, tingling, heart skipping beats. You know that too, but we feel we have a special license that makes us qualified to talk about seduction as experts. So here it goes on how we feel about online dating:

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Never in the world we would eschew that split of a second in which you catch the eye of the green eyed dandy cruising at you from the other side of café.

Never in the world we would not stare back, even for the fun of being caught.

Never in the world we would not wait for a message (you choose on which app) with the trepidation of a kid at 5 am on Christmas day.



That’s our dope.

But we are not sick, just romantically addicted to connecting with other human beings.