Facts about Millennials you should know about


Whether you are or not a Millennial, you have surely found yourself with the word in your mouth, probably defending them or depicting facts about Millennials in support to your argument to why the world is going to shit.

No one blames you for that, and in fact here there are more things to know about Gen Y you maybe did not know, but have you ever asked yourself what they say about Woodstock? Or what is their take on things like grunge music, supermodels or guys having a perm? Point is, every generation has its talents and weaknesses, but why is that Millennials are often the ones seen as the global culprits in making the world a place not even they want to live in?

What’s a Millennial

Millennials/Gen Y)

There surely is already a certain debate over the years of birth to attribute to the so-called Millennials category. Different established editorials and researches have had their say on it, which led to consider the dates of 1976 and 2004 as the earliest and the latest ones for Millennials.


Following World War II a baby boom took place and that’s where the name comes from: they were born in the 1940s, to 1960 – 1964. It was the era of consumerism.

Gen X

Often nicknamed the MTV generation, Gen X are born between the 1980s to the mid 1990s or early 2000s.

Centennials/Gen Z

Centennials are to be considered the children of Generation X and those basically born between the mid 1990s to mid 2000s.

Millennial generation characteristics

They know ‘cause it’s on the Internet’

Amongst the facts about Millennials, an undisputed truth is that Millennials have grown up with the Internet and relied on it as their primary source of information. As self- disruptive as this may seem, having the possibility of disposing of infinite information immediately is of course a perk, and one should see it as a chance for learning more. The problem about seeing everything on the internet first is of course that no experience is associated to that knowledge, at least not a personal experience.


At the top of the facts about Millennials is that they are broke and will never be able to do much in their lives expect becoming nomad travellers, starting a job in the agriculture sector or finding an abode in a remote location.

They still live with their parents

The housing crisis isn’t their fault, rather, the number of Millennials buying a home is shockingly low. Housing prices and job insecurity have made Millennials a generation of children who end up living with their parents even in their 30s whilst they try to pay their student loan and save up for a deposit.

They are depressed

Social media doesn’t really bring people together, it does actually isolate people. We have talked about this new concept of ‘loneliness’ created by our digital obsessions and of course, the most obsessed ones with swiping and likes are those who grew up with thinking it was reality.

They hate making phone calls

Millennials are in love with everything ‘digital’, anything that can give them quick and accurate answers. If asking questions to the Internet is of course done via social media, i.e. Twitter, the same trend is then perpetrated in everyday conversations with colleagues, friends and family. Why should you go for a long conversation, small talk included, when you can just send a voice message in WhatsApp?

Millennials’ stereotypes

They are very bad employees

Everything was handed to them, they don’t know what real work and yet they feel entitled. Millennials are often considered as impatient, which can really make them the worst workers. Millennials traits at work: they feel they have talent, dreams to pursue and have been made to believe no one and anything can stand in their ways, so why should anyone even try to mentor them?

Millennials have shit parents

Millennials traits are all the traits we can transfer to their parents, and they are really bad. Bad parenting skills in creating a generation of lazy, unaccomplished wannabes, addicted to social media, showing very poor social skills.