Fashioned from the most iconic TV series


We are into TV series binging as much as you, barely even use the remote controller to zap through talk shows and reality TV shows. There’s something we want to bring you today from some of the best TV shows ever – and probably why they became as such: it’s their wide and masterfully thought style.

From iconic TV shows such as Baywatch and Sex and the City we have all been fashion brainwashed in some way and now is the time to go to the bottom to why in 2018 we still want to look like Pamela in our summer one piece swimsuit – read more on this trend here.

Let’s go back in time on a journey on how some of the best series ever have picked up on some trends, portrayed them to us as the latest fashion and made us stay in fashion and television history for decades.

Happy Days

255 episodes over 11 seasons in which the one and only The Fonz taught us (if you were born no later than the late 80s) that as long as you could count on white tight t-shirt and a black leather biker jacket, the world was always going to be at your feet. The greasers trend has been reinvented and reinterpreted in music by hordes of rock lead singers. 


From the Hoff to the those slow-mos of the gang of lifeguards in that red swimwear, Baywatch is one of the best TV shows ever we can think of to represent of what the characters wore has actually made the show in a way. Can you actually think of a C. J. wearing anything other than that swimsuit? She did wear that for a whole of 10 seasons.

Dawson’s Creek

From 1998 to 2003 teenagers were glued to the telly hoping to finally see Dawson making a move on Joey Potter. And that’s where they learnt to wear oversized shirts over white t-shirts. That geeky, nice guy look that we did not see coming after our addiction with Beverly Hills 9010.

Sex and The City

Shopping was never depicted as a life vocation as it was in Sex and The City. Watching the show was like attending Parsons and learn to tell the difference between an Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang: you could learn how not to dress for church (when Carrie stalks Big on his Sunday mass with mum) and as well as investing a fortune on Manolo Blahnik pointy pumps, hire an accountant to make sure you won’t end up penniless. Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits are though some of the best fashion inspo you’ll ever get.

Orange Is The New Black

From women trapped in New York, to women trying to survive prison. Orange is the New Black ha got plenty to tell on fashion even though its characters wear uniform prison. From how the Latinas YouTube their style tips on a makeshift cropped top and sporty pants outfit, matched with geometric eyeliner, to the social implications of wearing hair shaved or long. Without even going to genderfluid material, we have covered 10 years in fashion.


How not to mention the show that by name says fashion. How not to mention a show that has given Meghan Markle to the stars. And in fact, if Harvey Specter spends 300 dollars for a haircut, we can just about imagine some of his tailored suits being worth a month rent. We personally believe office wear has been taken too much to glamour planet for the women’s with some rather wrapping dresses. If women in powerful positions get that depiction of using their ‘looks’ to stay in that position, we’d rather dissociate.

House of Cards

We are not sure the presidential family strikes here for their fashion instincts or rather their greed for power, but one thing is for sure, Claire is the best dressed First Lady of modern days. We just said it. Then we won’t talk about Kevin Spacey, at least not in fashion terms.

Peaky Blinders

We have treated this British production when we talked about the best hairstyles to copy from and on top of that,  we all really should be looking at how Tom Shelby pulls off his charms even though – and probably you don’t know of this – he’s actually styled  in what back in the 20s in Britain was seen as a uniform worn by criminals. Copy the style.