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Fuorisalone 2019’s Menu Right Up


The busiest week of the year is upon us, at least for design lovers flocking in from all over the world in Milan to check out the latest innovations in the field during Salone del Mobile; but Milan Design Week is also what happens outside of the fairgrounds at Rho Expo, there’s a whole world of talents and initiatives serving as their launch pad happening simultaneously that goes by the name Fuorisalone. We have handpicked what’s not to be missed according to the different districts.

Check out with us what not to be missed during 2019 Fuorisalone.

Porta Venezia

Liberty Style creates a particular surrounding to the at and design that will go on at Porta Venezia Design District. New for 2019 the “Insecure: Public Space in the Age of Big Data” project at Park Associati by Žan Kobal e Weixiao Shen on privacy in public spaces. The project is curated by Virginio Briatore.

Studio Job will present different projects across the city, but probably their most important showcase for this 2019 Design Week will be in Porta Venezia, where they will present their first permanent studio and gallery space. On their calendar also  Bronze = Plastic – At the Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia “Leonardo da Vinci” in Milan: the exhibition, curated by Rossana Orlandi is called ‘“REPLASTIC MASTERS” and it sees different sculptural objects shown alongside the works of other artists to be later auctioned in London.


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Isola design district

The theme announced for 2019 at Isola design district is Unlimited Design, a clear message of encouragement in celebrating design in all its forms.

The recent uprising design district is bringing to the table more news during this edition of Milan Design Week as Fabbrica Del Vapore is the latest addition amongst the venues hosting installations and exhibitions.

This year’s news is also the use of AR; visitors will in fact be able to download an app called Aria – created by Alkanoids studio – which will allow them to interact with what they see on a different level.


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DOS_Design Open’ Spaces

A newcomer for this edition of Milan Design Week is also DOS_Design Open’ Spaces, the first district promoted by Re.Rurban Studio and Emilio Lonardo Design. Piazzale Principessa Clotilde will be turned into a green oasis of tranquillity and thinking that the historic landmark has been closed for some time, you will find plenty of locals being tourists in their own town here.


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Bovisa is also one of the most recent districts compared to the jam packed with events and parties Tortona and Brera.

This year 3D will play a central role, leading the way to a series of seminars on the subject. First off a Fab Lab, which is always a great opportunity for all of those who want to access cutting-edge technology: on the 13th of April the theme of the Fab Lab will be to explore the different steps of production, with particular attention on 3D resin and filament printing.

Also on Bovisa’s technology menu is the focus on3D printing applied to food’

An edible installation will be created to explore the possibilities of magnificent types of presentations 3D printing applied to food can bring to the table. A design furniture on a 1: 6 scale of chocolate – participation is free!


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Zona Tortona

Tortona is where everything and anything goes on during Milan Design Week as it is the district with its own individual design weeks.

Superstudio, super design show; after launching the format ‘less fair, more museum’ the project conceived by Gisella Borioli and the art director Giulio Cappellini focuses on the theme of INNOVATION&TRADITION.

Asia Design Milano is where to spot the best talents out of the Asian creative scene, and where important connections between the East and West are made thanks to the partnerships between Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week and Milan Space Makers. The theme for this 2019 edition will be the Middle East: Israel with the title ‘The Impossible story of Israeli design’ , which will take place at Opificio 31 space.


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Ventura Future

Plastic Stone Tiles: Amongst the new technologies and innovations related to the ever so important topic of sustainability ‘Plastic Stone Tiles’, a way to reemploy post-consumer plastic waste that would otherwise end up in our oceans.


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Tiger penis project: Is there a way to resolve the conflict between health, culture, and environmental conservation through a new interpretation of traditional Chinese medicine?

Is the question young designer Kuang-Yi Ku asked herself when thinking about a way to propose the use of the latest biotechnologies to create animal parts for Chinese medicine.

Tortona Rocks

The news for this year Tortona Rocks is Alex Chinneck project, created in collaboration with Milano Space Makers: titled ‘IQOS WORLD’ it will be an evocative installation that probes into how our daily choices can actually change the world.


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Tortona Design Week

The design week within Milan Design Week involves some of the most prestigious names in the design industry: Fabio Novembre with the project DBOXal Magna Pars Hotel and Event Space, and Aldo Cibic who will be giving useful insights on is work through the exhibition Aesthetics of Vitality held at Hotel Savona 18 Suites.


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Base Milano

Italo Rota with Marco Cadioli, Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, Stefano Mirti and Super – Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata del Castello Sforzesco, Andrea de Chirico and Music Innovation Hub present ‘‘UN-learn/RE-learn’, thought as a series of ‘de-instructional’ itinerary of installations, practices and experiences, all taking place at Base Milano.


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Ventura Centrale

The 16 tunnels beneath one of Milan’s most iconic landmarks will host a series of poetic and ironic experiences: the location and the combination of quality and aesthetics supply visitors with interesting aspects on contemporary design.


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Brera Design District

“Design Your Life” (from the book by Bill Brunett and Dave Evans: Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life, Alfred a Knopf Inc) is the theme underpinning the exhibitions showcased at this year’s Brera Design days. The attention will be on sustainability and a green and choice-conscious design.


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