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…it suddenly popped up, taking everything over. At the beginning of fall the shop windows of the big cities were populated with this garment, for many years forgotten: the shearling coat. As time went by, and as the cold approached, the shearling coat became the dominant garment of this winter 2017…

Time for shearling

Oh My God!!! This is the typical facial expression of someone who has understood that there is a resounding and thunderous return of the “shearling coat”. It can be seen everywhere, in all kinds of versions, above or below every mise à la page. Shearling, the keyword of this Christmas season. Exposed, worn, purchased. Long live the shearling coat then. Let’s see how, where and when.

Bacharach and the shearling coat

This gentleman is Burt Bacharach. In the second half of the 60s Burt, pianist, composer and record producer, had his musical break. Walk on by, A look of love, I say a little prayer: these are just some of the pieces written by Bacharach, who also wrote tunes for 007, such as The Look of Love; unforgettable soundtrack of Casino Royale.

Here Burt wears the shearling coat: as only he knows how.

From camouflage to shearling

Let’s say one gets tired of the usual camouflage garment, one can always do this: let the camou-garment slip down slowly, to let the photographer at their back get a glimpse of the incoming trend, already worn, ready to use: ladies and gentlemen, the shearling coat.

Ca va sans dire.

Shearling in New York

Here she is, Karlie Kloss, near Central Park, in New York, facing the cold that freezes the Big Apple by wearing the clou garment of this winter.
As she was born in Chicago, usually colder than NYC, Karlie wears the shearling coat loosely open at the front. If Italian mothers saw her they would immediately shout:
cover up or you’ll get cold!

Dondup sherling

Directly derived from the aesthetic language which refers back to the ‘biker’ world, here is the contemporary sherling coat, in the Dondup version. Neck with asymmetrical closure, zip pockets, double leather buckles on the wrists. The belt is ton sur ton