Get Coachella Ready With These Outfits


When you are off to one of the biggest music festivals on the planet, one word is what we can use to define the days of anticipation ahead: dilemma. Make it wardrobe dilemma. When it comes to packing a suitcase that serves your fashion and comfort purposes, and makes it weather appropriate too, there’s only one place to turn to keep your nerves down.

D360 has gathered up the best Coachella attire

When it comes to getting Coachella ready there are two things that spring to mind: flower crowns and maxi dresses. We have come up with a better idea, flower print maxi dresses, in silk. Flowy, feminine and just the quintessence of that boho chic look you really need to get into for the occasion.

Rock and roll

A rock romantic attitude is exactly what you need to match that Coachella attire that pinches from different musical styles: to bring back that rock and roll attitude of iconic music stars thanks to black leather. Given the scorching daytime temperatures, you will be wearing a mini dress with ruffles or lace daytime, and complete the look with a leather vest — with the asymmetrical zippers and bold hardware.


Hip and funk Coachella streetstyle

One thing you have to bear in mind when filling that rucksack is that the Colorado desert temperatures are unforgiving: take with you outerwear that is versatile and can be carried around easily too, as a parka jacket in denim or bold print trench. Add some personality to your daisy dukes with with fringes and beads.

A Coachella fashion must: denim shorts

What is the image the pops when you think of an amazing looking girl dressed up for Coachella? It’s not her if she’s not wearing a pair of denim shorts; watch it though, there must be that boho element taking them to Coachella attire,  whether a white dress worn unbuttoned under a military green jacket or tassels applied on the hems of the shorts.

How to wear denim at Coachella

A pair of distressed and destroyed effect boyfriend jeans are your Coachella outfit starting point whatever style you want to pull off: but, if care to get a modern punk rock contaminated look, match them with a white blouse with balloon sleeves and a black choker.

Prepare for big crowds

We don’t just mean that your Coachella outfit will have to stand out amongst the crowds of similarly dressed music fans from all over the world, we actually mean you look should be suitable for standing amongst those crowds for hours too. You can still wear your best crochet boho dress, but opt for one that opens all the way so that you can use it as a long jacket over a comfy pair of wide leg jeans. So cute!

What about colours?

This Instagram Coachella streetstyle photo is emblematic of how you can choose something other than white and black to embody your hippy musical alter ego: the girl on the right has dared with a shorts and vest combo in the same ocean blue and palms print. We agree: Coachella babes!

Those kimono inspired Coachella outfits

It does take some fashion confidence to go and wear a pyjamas looking outfit, but that is a fashion predicament this year and not even Coachella will be able to stay away from it. And why should it? Soft, comfortable and yet ever so feminine if you leave the satin jacket open to reveal a triangle sporty bra, this year clubbing must have.

Layering: a Coachella fashion rule

Whether because you don’t know how warm or cold you will be or simply because you have finally come to sense and understood the enticing effect of layering different garments, Coachella outfits start from that sporty chic bra. Then a long vest, then a military shirt or a maxi cardigan: it’s all down to show a little bit of flesh.

Tartan shirts

Like the old days when Pearl Jam where Coachella’s headliners the tartan shirt is a grunge contaminated garment that will hardly leave the music and the music fans scene. Wear it over a simple white vest or t-shirt and daisy dukes and you will be Coachella ready.

Guys at Coachella: is there a top outfit?

If you asked us to put together the best Coachella outfit for men, there would an easy way of doing so for us, the very D360 way: don’t look at the guy showing off his suede loafers (and his glutes), focus on what the guys staring at him did remember to put on before jumping out of their tent. It’s all down to t-shirts, jeans and opened shirts. Just one massive tip: stay away from capris

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