Good reasons to visit Morocco


A land of desert, waves, ancient traditions and cultural influences all packed in one: from the many Unesco Heritage Sites to the ancient medinas, Morocco is the perfect holiday destination for all kinds of tourists. Find out with us the best things to do in Morocco.

The Roman ruins of Volubilis

As one of the most charming and best-preserved archaeological sites in Morocco, the Roman ruins of Volubilis are the hidden gem not many holiday makers are aware of when they think about travelling to Morocco. The stunning mosaics are worth the trip alone.


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Argan Oil

Who hasn’t heard of the miraculous powers of Argan oil? Not only in food preparation, the luxury extract is actually one of the most sought-after ingredients in beauty care too. The lush oil comes from the fruits of a tree found only in the small region of Agadir and Essaouira. The fruits are cracked by the sapient hands of berber women who are able to extract the fine Argan seeds, which are then grinded for hours on a stone grinder until they become a paste. As well as visiting some of the cooperatives that keep passing on this tradition, you can also look for the best Argan oil to bring home throughout the whole of Morocco.


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And that’s when the precious nourishing oil comes to the rescue, after a day spent riding waves in Taghazout, one of the best places in Morocco where to do some surfing.


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Best beaches in Morocco

We are not sure on what makes a beach a best beach, but you can’t disagree with us on these Morocco’s beauties. Starting from Dragon Beach in Dakhla, where the crystalline waters of the Atlantic Ocean meet the white sands of the Sahara dunes. This is the ideal spot for soaking in Morocco’s natural beauty as well as being entertained with some live sport action when the Kitesurf World Championship is held.


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Laghzira Beach in Mirleft

You will easily recognise this beach the beauty shot award for its architectural arch shaped cliff: a long stroll in the morning with your feet in the sand might be one of the best things to do in Morocco.


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Best cities in Morocco


There are plenty of reasons why visiting Marrakech might sound as one of the most ‘not-relaxing’ things to do on a holiday, but who said that soaking in the colourful vibe of this major Moroccan city does not release stress? Venture in the Medina, with its atmospheres from old traditions as well as more cosmopolitan traits: your eye will stumble across acrobats of all sorts, including snake charmers.

The other side of Marrakech you also have to discover is the Kasbah: enter the district that pays tribute to the Saadian dynasty from Bab Agnou, one of the 19 gates of the old city of Marrakech.


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Ryad Dyor

If you are wondering how to choose a hotel to stay in Marrakech, one factor you need to put forward in your search is pampering, luxury as well as traditional features. Ryad Dyor is one of the best boutique hotels in Marrakech as it incorporates all of the above in one with the benefit of being located at  the heart of Medina: featuring a plunge pool and a hammam, it looks like a friend of us has tried it out for herself.

In the heart of the medina of Marrakech two Ryads have been stylishly transformed into a fabulous small boutique hotel with plunge pool and hammam. How could WE forget about Maria The Pilot.


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Also known as the ‘Wind City of Africa’, Essaouira is definitely one of places to see on a trip to Morocco, especially if you are into windsurfing. From April to November it actually becomes a windsurfers sanctuary.


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As well as the ruins in Meknes, Morocco is full of mixes: Tangier is one of the cities in this country that can have you wandering through African and European influences in one place. You can stroll around the Kasbah and enjoy its hill views of the ocean as well as diving into Moroccan art at the old Sultan’s palace. Built in the 17th century within the Kasbah’s walls, it is now a museum you should plan to visit on your trip to Morocco. One of the best things to do in Tangier once you have walked up the  hill to the medina is to sit and sip coffee at Petit Socco and watch the world go by.


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