Grande means big in Italian, but she’s a petit princess of cuteness: Ariana Grande


What’s it like to be short in 2018? It’s like anything else if you can manage to style yourself the cutetest and most feminine way possible. For this, sneak a peek into Ariana Grande’s pictures and outfits from Instagram with us.

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Truth is, Ariana Grande’s height isn’t her weakness at all: she’s the shortest one out of the major rap and pop stars of the last 2 years. These include Nicki Minaj, Camilla Cabello and Selena Gomez. How tall is Ariana Grande then? With her 1.53 cm, she’s got plenty of sass to herself, packed in a very minute silhouette. This thigh high boots and oversized jumper elongate her legs and make her silhouette baby-doll like.
Super big and mature looking

In this ‘late night snacks’ photo of Ariana Grande with fiancé Pete Davidson you can admire the effortless cuteness and streetstyle mix she goes for. She is teaching all height challenged girls how to style their figure to highlight their petit traits: a must-have in her wardrobe is the oversized jumper, here matched with a pair of yoga pants and fish net socks, chunky socks and trainers.

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In another hand-in-hand photo of Ariana Grande with Saturday Night Live comedian – who has just got the wildest haircut ever – she’s eschewed the oversized jumper for a dress shirt in chequered print, worn with her trademark thigh high boots and a spaghetti strap vest.

The ponytail pop star has been charting in top positions this year with her recent leases, including God is a Woman, The Light is Coming – featuring Nicki Minaj and ‘No Tears Left to Cry, from her album Sweetener, which is set to be released today. With the dramatic events that occurred in 2017 in the Manchester Arena, Ariana Grande has surely found a way out of the incredible sorrow the attack left in the people who were directly affected, those who live in Manchester, music lovers, us, everyone.

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Did you say dimples? Yes, and those together with Ariana Grande’s mini figure and cheeky expressions are the essence of her style and public image: the 25-year-old is never too flashy, tacky or slutty in her looks, her videos and way of presenting herself. And we guess this is what she takes from her Nickelodeon past as Cat Valentine thanks to whom she became a teen idol. In this cheeky look indeed she doesn’t fail to disappoint on understated sex appeal.

In other news though, she’s a tough girl inside and this is one of Ariana Grande’s best quotes you can find from her on love.

Ariana Grande – God is a woman

Ariana Grande – No tears left to cry