Grow it or not: 2019 beard and hair styles


Guys we are back at it again with defining your morning routine for the next year or so: if 2018 was all about toning down big beards, we think 2019 will be the year finally saying goodbye to those big beards – which most of you cannot grow – and finally enable the world to see your beautiful face.

What are 2019 beard and hair trends? We have looked into bringing you all there is to prepare for on grooming trends.

Shaved beard and long hair: Jared Leto’s at number one amongst 2019 men hair trends

Jared Leto has always been one to follow for any type of fashion tips for men: the man can wear anything and more and make it look as if anyone could pull the effortless card out of the bag as he does. But it isn’t that easy to keep up with the grooming trends the singer-actor launches almost on a daily basis: amongst 2019 men hair beard trends we are about to witness a major revolution as it all finally happened.

The beard is gone.

Jared Leto had to shave it all off as shooting for the upcoming ‘Morbius: The Living Vampire’ is finally beginning. The hair is staying though, which means only one thing: you guys will have all to get used to long locks and a fresh clean shaved Leto, and go for it, copy it.


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Short stubble beard: Eminem’s at number two amongst 2019 men hair and beard trends

Whatever you do, don’t ever mention Eminem’s beard, at least don’t do it on social media or he’ll have you ‘killed’. That’s what he did when MGK mentioned the fact he has been sporting a beard lately. We don’t see why he had to pick on it, as matter of facts, Eminem’s beard is one of the biggest beard trends for 2019. If you have a full beard now and wish to tone it down to this short stubble beard style, trim it with beard scissors, adjusting the ends first. The beauty of the short stubble compared to many of past beard trends and styles is that it is much easier to grow: even if you can’t grow a full beard you will be able to master this beard style comfortably, trying to leave your facial hair untouched for few weeks as you grow it. It wouldn’t hurt if you went for the head to toe Eminem’s look, completed with baseball cap, hooded jumper and chukka boots, but just remember this short hair and stubble combo is one of the most versatile beard styles to have, meaning it is suitable for the professional world too.


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Tom Hardy’s 3-day stubble beard at men and beard trends 2019 number 3

The British actor had said goodbye for work reasons to his long-ish beard in 2018 and has now welcomed a tidy beard style we crown as one of the best upcoming ones for 2019. The 3-day stubble not only comes as an easy beard style to master for any type to face shape and facial hair growth, but it is also one of the best ones to sport all year round, from winter’s apres skis to summer’s martinis by the beach. Plus, this is the chance for you to finally make your laziness in shaving every day as you keeping up with 2019 beard trends.


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Will Smith’s goatee at 2019 beard styles number 4

The Smith goatee is not leaving us, not yet, but he has been sporting a shorter version of it though. This is all good news as it is means you too now can approach a beard style involving more maintenance


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Beard care: what changes in 2019

There’s a huge major consequence related to saying farewell to big beards: you guys can probably stop spending a fortune on the best beard oil in town. But your problems with financing your beard styles 2019 are far from over: if on one side growing a long beard meant a daily routine of pricey balm and beard oil, not to mention the trip to barber shop, on the other side, short stubble beards mean investing in good trimming tools.