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Hailey&Stephen Baldwin: Jesus or Fashion Creed?


He used to be something close to a sex symbol, a Hollywood superstar, a very pretty and enticing face. Daughter Hailey is not a Hollywood star, she’s though a catwalk goddess. But there’s something else they have in common and it has to do with Jesus.

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Dad is an actor, film producer and director: you probably remember his heart shaped mouth from his breakthrough movie The Usual Suspects. Stephen Baldwin, youngest brother of Alec Baldwin, eldest of the 4 Baldwin gang, has passed on his charming looks onto his second daughter Hailey, one heck of a supermodel.

What they have in common isn’t related to perfectly shaped cheekbones and those riveting eyes: Stephen Baldwin went in fact from a Hollywood star status to the one of the Jesus Freak of Hollywood. As you may have guessed, his roles as a criminal or as a ‘Threesome’ (1994) part taker had nothing to do with his true vocation: praying the Lord

Not only that, his affiliation back in the day with some of coolest rap stars of all time, as you can see in this club snap with Tupac, has really turned into another kind of political affair.

One way to describe it is by saying he has been putting his enticing poses to a different use: this snap is how he would have most women melt, still now – he has a strong TV presence in the States with several appearances on celebrity reality TV shows.

And this is how the very same ‘selfie’ shaped mouth is out in of his religious campaigns: in fact, not only did he try in 2010 to convert some of his fellow Big Brother House housemates to Christianity, but he is also very active on the matter with radio talk shows and writing. His snap with Tupac is very far from a contemporary Born on the Fourth of July star, as Stephen Baldwin is one of the first actors who openly sustained Trump. Who’s got the better shaped selfie mouth now, hey?

She’s turning 22 this year and she has already worked with some of the most famous fashion labels in the world, after signing with Ford Models at a very young age. Ralph Lauren, Topshop and French Connection, also has walked in Moschino, Tommy Hilfiger:

Hailey Baldwin has also featured on Vogue cover as well as Wonderland and Jalouse, and appeared in Tatler and LOVE.

Hailey Baldwin has also been dating Justin Bieber, which alone is one thing that can make you one of the most famous girls on the planet. On top of that, her #GirlSquad is stellar: we have mentioned plenty of her girlfriends here on D360, as from Gigi and Bella Hadid, the Jenner sisters and Jaden Smith…she’s got snaps with all of these ‘now’ celebs. Her Instagram profile counts 11, 4 million followers, whereas dad doesn’t even have his own official one.

Do father and daughter have in common anything else besides that striking pose? From what we have found, they do have a thing for reality shows (together): they appeared in 2005, aged 9, with the rest of her family in the television documentary Livin It: Unusual Suspects. But what there is behind about that religiously studied image is actually religion, praying and sending blesses on Twitter?

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If you asked a member of the conservative party to comment on some of the most fashion forward moments of Hailey Baldwin – she’s been named our official athleisure guru – we don’t think it’d get much praise and approval. Go figure!