Headphones History


Starting from a field shift, which brings Topophone to headphones, in just 4 clicks, we briefly review the story of an object that, from “technical tool” has become the “indispensable companion” of life. Always looking for a slight smile”

The inscription below the image quotes: Professor Mayer Topophone. Apparently Topophone is a tool invented in 1879 by the man with the mustaches here represented in the patent’s design. The use of Topophone was to “capture” the origin of a sound. To us, it seems to be a first, exemplary and very cool attempt to design what are better known today as headphones.

Mick Jagger wearing Headphones

Probably the sexiest headphones ever. He is Mick Jagger, and that’s enough. His gaze, here, is indescribable, full stop. If we add that the photo was taken on the One Plus One set, directed by Jean Luc Godard, the picture, in fact the headset, is complete. If that is not enough, to close, the year of the shot: 1968. End Credits.

Headphones, always, everywhere, to be connected and isolated at the same time. Whether it’s for work, fun, desire to be alone, wanting to listen to “that piece of music” exactly in “that precise context” and “at that particular moment”; headphones are no longer needed only in recording studios. They have become an indispensable tool for everyday life 3.0.

girl wearing blue headphones
Headphones necklace

From accessory to accessory. Headset that does not listen but shows: membership. Headset that becomes jewel, symbol: generational icon. Headset that, like piercing or the skull or the microphone, exits its functionality to become exponent, exposed, of a time that blends languages once very distant from each other.