How food brands on Instagram elevate food with ingenious creativity


Food is never about just eating. It’s a whole sensorial experience, at times even a psychological experience. With the rise of ‘everyone must be on Insta’ it’s no surprise food brands are turning to the social media platform to increase our sensorial stimulation around chocolate, coffee and other things we would never be able to go without.

We could say social media are the official 6th sense, couldn’t we? We all crave ‘likes’, don’t we?

Addiction for like, food porn and ...

We’re all addicted to social media as much as we all can’t stop munching on crisps in front of a good TV series and finally, we are all posting so much about food, that food has actually become part of our obsession for the perfect filter and catchy caption.

Food brands have picked up on this and some of your favourite ‘treats’ providers have shown the world their mastery not only at making to-die-for biscuits, but also at creating captivating concepts to spread on Instagram.

We have selected the Instagram profiles that have tempted the most out of some of the most renowned food brands.


The chocolate and vanilla cream biscuits might be black and white but all you can think of when the word Oreo is pronounced is an array of bursting colours. From the ‘This Oreo goes out to’ type of engaging storytelling, where the biscuit becomes ‘something else’, like a pair of photochromic glasses for example, to their ‘left handed’ campaign, they sure have shown how to be creative with just a simple black and white biscuit.


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In Britain Marmite is an institution, one of those past generation’s foods to keep in the cupboard, because no household is safe without a jar of Marmite standing there. But some people love it to bits, and, some people hate it to bits. This is exactly what the brand’s creatives have embraced and managed to turn into a catchy Halloween Instagram campaign, as well their ‘two wrongs make a right’ campaign in partnership with Iceland for Christmas 2018.


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Not just creativity, excellent copywriting skills and graphic design talent: other food brands choose Instagram as a platform where to promote their ‘actual’ campaigns, such as the commitment to making the world a better place for everyone. On their Instagram profile Nestle have made sure to document through the stories of ‘local experts’ how their brand is acting in favour of ethic and sustainable work practices.

Hello everyone! My name is Peggy, I’m from Côte d’Ivoire relocated in Switzerland more than a year ago. I’m passionate about agriculture, not because i’m an agronomist by training, but because agriculture is the foundation for achieving sustainability, nutrition, and food safety for us and our future generations. In my job, as Senior Corporate Spokesperson for Nestlé, I’m also focusing on promoting the positive impact Nestlé is bringing to society. I just returned from a journey where I discovered the coffee highlands in Vietnam, to meet those who are making @nescafe one of the world’s most iconic brands 😊☕️. Follow me this week as I share my memories. 


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Nutella Italia

Who doesn’t love Nutella? In Italy though, people love it more and we have taken the liberty to compare the Nutella Italy Insta profile to the international ones, and, guess which one is doing it better? Nutella isn’t just a chocolate spread, is part of everyone’s childhood, is the treat of all treats and it’s part of Italian culture as much as pasta is.  More than the spread itself, the Nutella jar has reached cult like status over the years and that’s what the creatives have picked up on, making the chubby glass design their real Instagram protagonist.


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Ketchup is an essential part of any nutritional regime (!). We agree with everything Heinz say and post on their Instagram profile. From Mario Lopez eating a chip off his kid’s hand, to a meme worth Buzzfeed’s attention, they simply own social media. Are you a dipper or a pourer?

You can be both, it might depend on where you find yourself at that moment. At home, definitely a pourer!


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