How to style and wear men’s pullovers for any occasion


Turtlenecks, crew necks or under a shirt, pullovers can be man’s best friends, provided the styling and fit is done to perfection: but do you actually know how to style a pullover for the right occasion? Is business a mundane situation fit for sporting a sweater? Can you wear a jacket over a wool pullover? What kinds of jumpers can be worn on formal occasions?

Winter is coming, pullovers are tempting you from your wardrobe, but you never get around to wearing them as you are never quite sure if you are doing the right thing? Tune in with our quick and easy guide.

Men’s turtleneck pullovers: formality even without a shirt

This is to say that if you are not a big fan of wearing shirts, or you just want to change it up a little, turtle necks are great for creating a look that is formal and cool at the same time, not to mention comfortable and warm. If you go for an extra-fine wool turtleneck pullover, match it with a contrasting colour blazer on top, it will make sure you are appropriate for more business-related situations

Men’s V neck pullovers: the extra detail makes the difference

Men’s V-neck pullovers are very similar to men’s crew neck jumpers, but they are actually the quintessential of elegance in this genre: if you wear them with a shirt, make sure that the collar is tucked into the V, and never wear them over a polo shirt. With V-neck sweaters you can wear a tie, that will perfectly slip under the V, giving your look that touch extra touch of casual elegance.

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Men’s Crewneck pullovers: shirt, no shirt?

When you wear a crewneck sweater, the neckline sits perfectly around your neck, which means it can hide the neck of the t-shirt you are wearing underneath it. If you want to look a little bit smarter, wear a suit dress instead of a t-shirt, but do not expose the collar of your shirt from the pullover’s neckline, it should remain tucked it.

How to wash a pullover, a gentlemen’s beginner guide

Just don’t wash it yourself. Come on, would you seriously trust yourself with a soft and delicate brand-new cashmere pullover in your hands approaching the sink – never mind the washing machine? But you really need to boost your confidence in that area, so check this out: if the washing machine is unknown territory for you, you’d better stick to some good old handwashing. A quick handwashing masterclass would start from saying that you need warm water, not boiling hot, plus some specific detergent: in terms of squeezing, be gentle and just press it until most of the water has come out, then roll the sweater in a towel, making sure it soaks all the remaining water.