How to wear a fascinator: the hat of royals


When you think of a fascinator, your mind gets thrown to the royals, the royal wedding, and classic female actresses from the days of great movies in black and white, the Royal Ascot, Kate Middleton’s or Meghan Markle’s hats, Lady Gaga, you name it.

If you saw footage or pictures of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that was held on the 19th of May 2018 at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom, then you can agree on the classiness and edge a fascinator adds to a formal dress outfit. The wedding had amazing fascinators of different colours, shapes and sizes.

Stay fascinated as we take you on a journey into the world of fascinator hats. The facts, cool tips and choosing your fascinator.


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What’s a fascinator hat

We have already mentioned the word ‘fascinator’ many times and if you are wondering what that is, for those who don’t know, a fascinator is an elegantly stylish formal headpiece made by milliners.

They are usually a decorative piece attached to a clip, comb or band. They are called ‘hatinators’, provided the headpieces are incorporated in the base form of a hat.


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How to choose a fascinator

As with every good thing, good fascinators do not come cheap. If you are going to invest in one or a couple, you need to take your time and select your fascinator that will suit your occasion, outfit, face shape and of course, your pocket.


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What to know first

  • Having an outfit already makes it easier to buy a fascinator as you do not get carried away by the sea of colours, and you already have an idea of what you would want to go with your outfit in mind.
  • If your face is long, wearing a fascinator on the side of the head balances out the overall length of the face.
    Larger sized fascinators help to soften out the visage if you have a square jaw and if you have an oval face, all types of fascinators will look good on you.
  • If you are a tall person, choose your fascinators based on its width and not height so as not to add extra height.
    If you are not too tall, play with the height of your fascinator to give an illusion of height.
  • You can match the colour of your fascinator with the colour of your outfit, and if you do not want to, you can always complement the colour of the fascinator with the outfit colours.
  • If the season is warm, opt for fascinators made from light and net-like material and in winter, heavier material such as felt and wool.


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How to wear a fascinator

Sure, just plonk it on your head like a hat and walk out the door! Be guaranteed that if you do so, it will definitely fall off.

With short hairstyles, use a fascinator attached to a hair band to keep it in place.

If you have opted for a fascinator with a comb attachment, decide where you want the headpiece positioned.

For thick manes, slide the comb back through your hair about an inch in the opposite way of hair fall, while placing the fascinator at a slight angle to feel its teeth against your scalp.

Tilt the comb, rest the fascinator on your head and push down in the direction your hair falls to have the best grip for your fascinator.

If you have thinner or smoother hair or want extra security, take a small section of hair and comb in the opposite direction of hair fall and grip with a hairpin.
This gives a sound base to slide in the fascinator.

For added grip, spray a small amount of hairspray before wearing a fascinator.

If you are going to wash your hair, do it at least a day before and not on the day you need to wear the fascinator, to make it stay on your head better.


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Fascinating Your Image

Traditionally, fascinators are worn on the right side of the head, but now, both sides are acceptable.

If you have a hair parting, cover it with the fascinator.

Abstain from pairing cream or ivory toned fascinators with bright white outfits and accessories to avoid a dirty or dull look.

The best hairstyles with fascinators are those kept single and also buns

Fascinators in natural and earth-toned colours such as browns, beiges, dark and olive greens are well suited for redheads.

Light warm colours such as coral, turquoise, neutral navy, beige and taupe gorgeous when paired with blonde hair.

Brunettes stun in bright, deep shades like bright blue, purple and emerald, as well as black and navy blue.


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For people who wear glasses, avoid using fascinators built into headbands to prevent the battle for ear space between your glasses and fascinator.
Instead, opt for elastic, comb or clip-on fascinators instead.

When stepping out to a wedding or an event that will require pictures being taken, do not choose/wear a fascinator that will cover your face, or wear an overly dramatic fascinator especially if you are NOT the bride.

If you are going to an opera or watching a movie at a theatre, it is better not to wear a fascinator, so you don’t block the views of people sitting behind you and avoid unnecessary situations especially if they are very upset.