How to wear a hat: a guide to the best hats for you and your style


If some of you are still uncertain on wearing hats, maybe because you don’t know which type of hat suits you or you don’t have a clue on how to wear that fedora hat everyone keeps going on about, we have been looking at these accessories inside out. From the best hats for men to this winter’s hats, after reading this you will surely know how to wear a hat.

Girls in hats

Whether it might seem easier for girls to wear a hat, it is actually a lot harder than you think, especially for those girls who just had their hair short. If for example you have cut your hair to a pixie length, we understand your struggle in picking the right hat and feeling comfortable with it. How to wear a hat with short hair might take a little bit more attention to detail than if you have long locks, so here it is:

How to wear a hat if you have short hair: beanies

How to wear a knit beanie hat with short hair starts with the idea of not covering your whole head: avoid pulling the hat straight down, but leave some of your forehead uncovered instead. If you really want to learn the trick on how to wear a hat with short hair, do the tilt trick: this means you can simply pull your beanie onto the back of your head at slight angle. If you have done it justice, the hat should be left with some floppiness on the back and even if your hair is short, try to have some cute locks peeking out of it.

What to avoid: if you want to know how to wear a beanie hat you also have to know what to stay away from. The robber’s look is one to know: this means no head to toe black topped by a  beanie hat or you might end up looking as if you’re about to do something you shouldn’t be doing.

How to wear a hat if you have short hair: brims

The shorter the hair, the wider the bream hat. If floppy hats and fedoras are slowly getting your attention, there’s a simple trick to remember to look perfect whether you have short or long hair. Floppy, wide-brim hats are perfect for many types of outfits, so make sure you look at these precious inches.

What types of hats to wear this winter: floppy hats, beanies and fur hats.

So, you probably already knew that beanie season has kicked in and we bet you simply couldn’t wait for it, but there are other winter hats you can start experimenting with this winter. We would like to give you a hand in understanding how to wear a hat this winter that is suitable for you and the type of occasion you want to sport it at.

Floppy hats are perfect not only in summer with maxi dresses and breezy white cotton shirts: if you go for a different type of textile, floppy hats can be your winter’s best friend too. The trick is to go from straw to felt and there will be no winter day without your favourite floppy hat, this time around protecting your hair from dump and the annoying November drizzle instead of the August sun on your face.

Fur hats are surely the warmest things to wear in winter on your head, but we can’t deny they come with risks. First off, we really recommend you looked into fake fur hats: how to wear a hat that is big and bold as such? We like furry hats with formal clothes, as a nice long wool coat and pointy pumps.

Another type of winter hat is the beret. Brought back from past eras, this hat is all about ‘statement. So, how to wear a beret without sending out the wrong statement? Be inspired by the classic French cool girl look and try to add a touch of edge to it by the very same trick of tilting a hat we mentioned above on how to wear a beanie hat.

The other trick is also to choose a material that stands out on its own. If you want to know how to wear a hat with all that flare the celebs seem always to be able to master, start by looking at leather berets: they are the most contemporary interpretation of berets. The other thing you can do with a beret hat is to make it even bolder: how to wear a beret hat and make it YOUR statement? Cara Delevingne has thought of an ‘Anarchy’ decorated beret – if that only was the rule governing fashion.  

Boys in hats

How to wear a hat with long hair

How to wear a hat with long hair is in our opinion a topic that should really appeal to the boys, the brave boys who sport anything from tidy-care free to messy, crazy untidy grunge hairstyles or ponytails. So here are two golden rules for you guys on how to wear a hat if you have long hair.

Tipped: if you are wearing anything from a fedora to a top hat – we’ll get to that into a second- or like to wear a top hat, the trick to look amazing if you have long hair is to tilt up the hat. In this way the hair will hang down in front of the face in a more artistic look, the one you would expect Johnny Depp to be sporting on the red carpet.

Tuck your hair behind the ears: another trick on ‘how to wear a hat’ with strategy if you have long hair is to keep you it out of your face without the need of putting it into a bun. The way the hat and the hair will frame your face will be super stylish..

And now, the best for last: the unforgiving Fedora hat

What is a fedora hat and how to wear it the right way? A fedora hat is the type of hat you would see in classic mafia movies of the like of The Godfather: it is the hat made of felt and featuring a crease throughout in the crown, as well as two side creases, a medium or wide brim and a decorative band. Some people have stated that wearing a fedora has destroyed their lives, but probably because they went for the wrong type of hat, a cheap interpretation.

Amongst dad hats, a fedora must be worn following one simple rule: wear a collared shirt. In simple words, if you don’t want people to think you are knobhead, don’t wear it with a tee and rolled up skinny jeans. If you have the right dose of confidence to challenge the world looking at men in a fedora as the ‘where are we all gone wrong’, then you might be able to do it right.