How to wear men’s chino pants


A wardrobe essential, a must have in any seasons, chino pants are every man’s best friend when it comes to putting together a look, whatever the weather, whatever the occasion. But styling these men’s casual pants isn’t a job for fashion noobies, that’s why you really must check out our guide on how to wear men’s chino pants.

Light grey chino pants for men

What are chino pants?

The definition of chino pants relies on the words ‘cotton twill fabric’: we are talking about a specific cut or a specific colour, even though we know that when you hear chino pants you think of beige or of the colour khaki. But fashion has evolved and chino pants now are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can invest money on, as they come in an array of super cool colours. You can up your game with these stretch cotton chino pants by Dondup, perfect to create a look that flatters you


Slim fit chino pants are the best trousers you can go for if you want to achieve a good level of flatter together with a valid option for matching them with a blazer. The fit is loose but not too much and gives you the right amount of comfort and elegance.

Stylish outfit for man
Blue chino pants

Straight leg chino pants

Straight leg chino pants

Straight leg chino pants, aka the regular fit, are perfect for men with muscular legs: they will underline the best parts of the leg without making you look too bulky, the perfect alternative to slim fit without giving up on flatter.

Wide Leg chino men’s chino pants

Wide Leg chino pants fit those fashionistas who want to make a statement: opt for a low waist pair of wide leg chino pants, and to add a little bit of drama cuff the bottom, making sure you either wear appropriate socks or you can leave the calves on show if you are brave enough even in winter.

Chino joggers

The best way to be sporty without being chavvy is to go and find a pair of chino joggers: the sporty design and details are perfect from comfort and to create a relaxed and laid back look that you can wear from 9 am to 9 pm.

What To wear with Chino Pants

There is a rule of thumb for any kind of men’s look – to be honest – which states ‘when in doubt, wear a white t-shirt’. White t- shirts are a passpartout when it comes to styling chino pants for men: with a black blazer you will be on top of your game.

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What about wearing a shirt?

If you opt for a denim shirt to go with chino pants, the best way to get of the pickle of wearing denim on denim, plus the soft material of the chinos will give the right contrast of texture against the harder fabric of denim.

White shirts are also an easy way to style chinos pants: you can style them up or down. Up: wear a black tie or even a bow tie and you will look formal enough for your fancy gatherings. Down: roll up your sleeves and match a soft pullover and you will have the right comfort without renouncing on style.